Things I wish I’d been told before getting Gerbils…

I’ve introduced you all to my crazy duo; but here are some things, a year on, that I wish I had been told before I got them….

  1. They make a lot of mess– as a bit of a germophobe, it was important to me that I got a pet that we relatively clean by themselves. I was told over and over, when asking about it, that Gerbils are very clean animals, that will section their own cage up to ‘bathroom’ and IMG_0074‘bedroom’, plus that they did not smell. I will give you that they do
    not smell, but my boys have made their ‘bathroom’ my bedroom floor (GROSS!). On multiple occasions I have caught them stopping to poop, then spinning round, picking it up and throwing it out of the cage…
  2. Vet bills cost more than they did– this one has really got me, I spent £12 buying my boys, and a further £80 on all of their bits and pieces. In the last year I can easily say I have spent more than this on vet fees and medication. When you compare those prices it is a bit ridiculous, though I guess with my Drip we are in special circumstances. But a heads up on just how much it would cost to take them to the vet would of been nice…
  3. They are fussy eaters I was told when buying them, that Gerbils will destroy and chew everything and anything that you give them, and on the most part this seems to be try. However when it comes to eating- FullSizeRender (1)they are not quite so laid back. Over the past year, I have tried them with almost every rodent treat in the small pet store in town, and have found only ONE that they will both eat without any hassle. The same with fresh food, Digger will eat almost all, but Drip will only eating cauliflower leaves; although have just discovered they both love brussel sprouts.

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