My November Book Haul..

Due to a tough University assignment, and hospital appointments this month- I’ve not managed to read as much as I would of liked! (sad face) But here is what I have managed to read: – plus this is the first of many book posts this week!!IMG_0172

The Forgotten Legion

This was recommended to me on GoodReads, so thought I’d give it a go using the library- despite my already growing TBR pile at home! Was very IMG_0156slow to start, with it being from several characters points of view, which I wasn’t particularly sure about. However about mid-way it picked up and I began to understand how all the characters actually connected together. From that point on I was gripped! This little beauty is definitely worth a read if you like fiction based in the ancient world, or gladiator stories. I have fallen head over heels for Ben Kane (author) from this book, and have now invested in the first one of two of his other series..


I wrote about this in my November Book Buy, but briefly- this was IMG_0149recommended by an amazing friend of mine so felt the need to give it a shot, and I was not let down!! I got through this in 3 days, as I could just not put it down. Though again quite similar to a lot of YA fiction, it was definitely a stand out in its ability to engross you, and its futuristic take on the world. Can’t wait now until after Christmas when I can buy the second in the series

The Killer of Men

This monster of a book has been a real
challenge to read, with lots of terminology, and ancient names. However with its distinctive writing style it had me grasped. Covering over 10 year of a man’s life within 450 pages it was cleverly done so as to not drag on, moving fluidly from event to event. If I was to put it down, I would have to say after such a detailed description for the first three quarters, the end seemed to start rushing along, leaving bits not as detailed as I feel it could of been- though this has not put me off readiIMG_0170ng the sequel

Currently on ‘Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs- something VERY different to anything else I’ve read, and always the first book for my Uni Book Society!

What have you all read this frosty month? It’s the best time for snuggling up under a blanket with a cuppa, and good book..

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