It is officially CHRISTMAS! Well almost, we’re in the right month- and that can only mean one thing…… BLOGMAS! This is my very first one, so please bare with me, as just going to be ambling along and having fun 🙂


I’ve heard that Blogmas is meant to be a daily blog post, but due to University, and family commitments, I just won’t be able to manage that. HOWEVER, not all is lost, as I will be doing a minimum of one Christmas post a week, IN ADDITION to my normal posts! So that’s going to be FOUR posts a week!!

It’s so exciting!! Nearer Christmas when I’m on leave from Uni work, I will hopefully have the time so I can do more blogmas posts each week- and between Christmas and New Year, there will be New Year posts AS WELL!!

So for now, Happy Almost Christmas time! The next Blogmas post will be on Saturday, and its a book themed one!

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