November Weight Update

So this is the end of my first month dieting with Weight Watchers (WW), and already it has been very up and down. However I have found a great recipe through it, which you can find on this blog, published last week.. 

My first week was actually really fun! Odd I know, calling a diet fun- but actually it was. I got to try different foods, and experiment with recipes- coming up with my Lentil Salad, that you can find in earlier posts.

IMG_0165I also just found it really entertaining looking out just how many WW points some food was- things I thought were healthy, but actually aren’t. I don’t eat a look of ‘breakfast’ food, so I stick to toast or croissants, both of which I was in belief were reasonable healthy. Oh how wrong I was! Toast isn’t too bad, two slices are 5 points, which is less than meals worth of points (average of 7 points a meal), but croissants are 6 points for just one small one! And on its own that is not enough to get you through the morning, you need at least two. SO I’ve been having to completely rethink breakfast- coming up with having a big bowl of fruit; mostly grapes and sliced peaches, as well as the one croissant. I have found this works for me. Advice I would give with this diet is, if there’s something you like for meals, that’s high in points- just have less and supplement it with ‘free’ food, whether that be fruit, veg or salad.

I finished the first week with a weight lose of 3 and half pounds!! Well chuffed with that..

Week two has been a completely different story. Finishing the week with -50 points left! That is absolutely TERRIBLE! Let me explain- I had a little observation done on my stomach on the Thursday, having samples taken. This left me for several days with a lot of discomfort as well as emotional stress. So the ice cream was cracked out along with the chocolate and muffins! (Bad I know)..

I finished the second week somehow, with a miracle, maintained the same weight… (SHOCK!)IMG_0177

MY tip of the month has to be that you can still have Costa Coffee!! This was something that I was very worried about, as I love me my coffee. If you switch to skimmed milk, and sugar-free syrup it is just 2 WW points! That’s nothing, can easily have that while staying within your daily points! YAY!!

So overall after my first month dieting I have a weight of 12 stone 1, losing 3 and half pounds in total. I am quite pleased with this as I thought it would be a lot less after my second week.

One thought on “November Weight Update

  1. Any month you show a loss is a whopping success in my book. You did great! Keep at it and all those little losses will add up to one great big one!! I’m rooting for you 🙂

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