Peter Pan goes Wrong

My love with Mischief Comedy theatre group all started New Years Eve 2014, going to see ‘The Play that goes Wrong’ purely because of the cheap tickets! I left with a very sore belly after due to laughing so much at the pure silliness of it. I’ve been hooked ever since. To date I’ve seen ‘The Play that goes Wrong’, and ‘Lights Camera Improvise’ twice, was at ‘Peter Pan goes Wrong’ for their opening night, and still cannot get enough of them!!!


With an excellently written script, cleverly designed set, and a fabulous ability to react to the crowd this group of actors could not possibly get any better. Somehow, even when you can tell exactly what’s about to happen they can still get you laughing until your stomach hurts, and this goes on and on, giving you very little rest bit between joke to joke. But they are so good at it, that you do not care about the deep ache of your stomach!!

Before seeing Peter Pan, I made the assumption that it would all be very similar in the types of characters that they played, and to some degree was correct. Henry Lewis played the awkward guy, making fun of his size; Charlie Russell, the sexual flirt; and Nancy Wallinger just flat down hilarious. I want to mention Dave Hearn, I can’t describe how he play, but the look of pride he gets whenever on stage, cracks me up EVERY single time! However Jonathan Sayar proved me well and truly WRONG! From the intelligent, creative character normally leading the story, he went to a stupid kid who could not remember his lines. You are now probably thinking that that’s a criticism, but NO, it was on purpose, and HILARIOUS!!

The simplest thing that this group does can crack you up, and an excellent example of this was shown through the ‘audition tapes’ that was played at the end of Peter Pan. If anything it was a shame to have to leave the theatre before these had finished, as they had myself and my dad cracking up! ‘Asthmatic Snake’!

I have already booked to go and see their next play ‘The Comedy about a Bank Robbery’ on its opening night; and would fully recommend booking to see either this or ‘Peter Pan goes Wrong’ while you still can, if you enjoy a good laugh at pure excellently crafted silliness!

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