Christmas Reading Challenge Result..

So it is Boxing Day, and that means I am out of time in my TBR before Christmas challenge- and all I can say is that I failed TERRIBLY. If you have not already please check out my TBR before Christmas post that is a previous post. On this I set myself the challenge to read five books from the beginning of December but before Christmas. FreshPaint-5-2015.11.30-05.21.13

Sorry to repeat myself but just briefly; the books I wanted to read were- The Maze Runner, The Virgin Queen’s Daughter, Dracula, Ellijah’s Mermaid, and Spartacus. I had my reasons for all of these books, and I really tried to achieve this.

A quick rundown of what my month has involved so you can have an understanding to what was part of the challenge. Unfortunately I ended up having to visit the hospital for 5 days, which really restricted my reading time, and then once home I’ve had 2 essays for uni to try and accomplish… My plate has been FULL! -sigh-

But I did manage 3 of these books…. The first three unsurprisingly. I won’t go into too much detail as will be doing reviews in my December Book Haul next month, but one of them was a huge disappointment and I do regret putting it on this list. But the other two were amazingly good! One of these two I really didn’t know what to expect from, but I really couldn’t put it down in the end.

I will be reading the final two on my list hopefully before the new year now. So keep your eyes open as I will be doing a full review of all the books in the New Year… What have you all been reading this Christmas season?

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