Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! What do you have planned for today? Whatever you are all doing I hope that you have a great day with good company, good food, and amazing memories… FreshPaint-5-2015.11.30-05.21.13

So here is an insight of what I will be doing today:

My family are very chilled when it comes to Christmas- it is very rare that my family are all off work, and that we can have a whole dayIMG_0193 doing nothing. So we are a bit anti-social in that we don’t see the extended family on actual Christmas day.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas always starts with a lie in; no alarms, no wake up time- just wait until we get up. Once all are awake, the bucks fizz comes out, a full fry up begins to be prepared, and the presents are dished out.

Presents are started normally before we all sit for breakfast- one of the
few times in the year that we have a full blown fry up, with bucksfizz… Then of course, sometimes MORE PRESENTS. We play Christmas tunes through out the morning, and we just plod our way through presents; again no rush. More often than not we’ll get stuck on a present that we really like and will sit and read/play with it for a while before moving on.

Because we find Christmas dinner is SOO big, we always have it at lunch time instead. The big dinner table is likely to brought out (one of the only times in the year) and we have dinner- still with Christmas tunesIMG_0184.JPG. Its the typical Christmas dinner, my favourite bit being stuffing as I only get it on Christmas! Sadly with the weather so terrible, its looking as if our next tradition will not happen this year, but after dinner we always go for a nice long walk. I live in a village surrounded by fields and forests so it really is a lovely area to go walking. The dogs come with us, and we just wander and chat about all sorts! The point of it is to allow us to share, but keep it chilled.

Christmas evening always contains arguments. It is always a movie night, with all the special snacks that we get, but what movie is always a debate. Typically everyone wants to watch the films they got for Christmas so we end up having to do ip-dip-do in order to decide..

SO that is what I will be doing this Christmas and also happens to be a summary of our traditions for the 25th of December. Anyone else got any traditions they will be doing today?


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