2016 Goals- Blogging&Life

This post is rather self explanatory, but I thought it would be a nice idea to write down all my main goals so I have something to consult in the long off time of Christmas 2016! (scary to be thinking so far away… -sigh-).


So there is 2 days to go before it is 2016 leaving very little time to make any changes this year, least that’s what I’m telling myself as I eat the last of the Christmas chocolate, heheh…. but all in all my 2015 started off as a bit of a flat experience, but it did start to pick up near the end. I started this blog, started uni, and went out with a guy I met through my course forum (don’t ask-bad idea)…

  1. I think my biggest goal for 2016 has to be that I want to get back into work after having to leave my job in October 2014 due to mental health. I’ve always loved the sensation of earning my own money, the pride I used to get when I got tips and my pay cheque each month. Being given my money each month for my disability is really hard to receive, I never feel as if I’ve earned it and if anything don’t feel I should have it. But have to remind myself that I do qualify for it, and need it to have any semblance of a life. So by December 31st 2016 I want to be in some form of paid work, be that part time, self-employed, or working towards my career.
  2. If you follow my blog, you will know this one, but I really really REALLY want to lose the weight which I put on this year. Not to spoil December’s weight update, but so far it has going VERY badly. From January 1st I will be hitting it hard, sledgehammer hard! Running, fruit, vegetables, workouts- you name it I will be doing anything to achieve! Any weight lose/fitness advice PLEASE, I beg you, share with me.
  3. This is a blogging one– I really want to raise awareness to my illness of Schizophrenia. My plan to do this is that I aim to do 2 posts on Schizophrenia each month, that will total 24 posts. I will be continuing my book and other regular posts but this is something I am passionate about and really want to start to break the stigma that Schizophrenia still to this day carries..
  4. So far in about 3 months of the blog being live I have had just under 200 visitors to the site. By December 31st 2016 I would like to reach 1000 visitors- I know, AMBITIOUS. I really want to start reaching more people, and for my blog to be successful. I am mostly doing the blog for fun,  but I do have an aim by it, and this will best be achieved if I get the word out.
  5. This is a personal one that I really am excited about, I want to get my car!! I’ve been saving all year, and badly want a Jeep. I’m not a car person, so I don’t know the style or whatnot, but I can tell you its one of the old styles, and am looking at getting a second hand 08 reg! Hoping to have it by February but you never know. Just hoping that I have the money soon enough that I can get what I want before it become essential that I have a car. Really don’t want to compromise with this.

So that is it, they are my top 5 goals for 2016 listed in priority. I will not be doing another post on this now until this time next year, where you can all see just how terribly or brilliantly I have done. What are you all planning on achieving or working towards in the New Year?


2 thoughts on “2016 Goals- Blogging&Life

  1. I’m joining you in weight loss and healthier living in 2016! I’ve been posting about it over on my blog. We can do this! Together but miles away 🙂


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