New Year Traditions

New Years Eve has different connotations for different people; partying, family parties, or just another night. In my childhood, that I remember me and my family didn’t really used to do anything. I can’t be completely sure when it happened, but we changed that and made our own tradition.


None of my immediate family are big drink or party people, so that just wasn’t going to happen. However we all love going to the Theatre, and its always on special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, or lately opening nights.

So now, that is our tradition. Living only a hour or so’s drive from London, it is quite easy for us to do this, while keeping it cheapish. The play/show that we see always depends on what’s available for a decent price. This year we are seeing ‘The Play that goes Wrong’ AGAIN! You’re probably thinking that its a bit of a boring tradition, but in honesty, it works for my family, and we always have a great time.

Normally we make a bit more of an evening of it, going out for dinner, normally to a posher restaurant than what we could normally afford. But this year we plan on going even bigger and better. We are heading up just before lunch (had planned on going up first thing in the morning, but Dad now has to go to the Doc’s), and have lunch up there. Then spend the whole afternoon shopping, hitting the sales, and exploring the biggest book-store in Europe! -VERY excited- IMG_0184

I’ve actually got myself quite organised for this trip, made a list of things that I want to look for in the sales; handbag, jumpers, and Timberland’s. Plus I’ve even gone as far as updating my book list, so I know what I’ve got and what I want to buy- and been clever and got this document onto my phone! I know prepared; very unlike me…

Well that’s a brief summary of what I’m going to be doing this New Years Eve. Bit uneventful if you are into partying and whatnot, but for me, I can’t beat it. What are you all going to be up to? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great start to the New Year.

3 thoughts on “New Year Traditions

  1. I love this! Making your own traditions is a great thing to do. Going to see something in the theatre isn’t something I would have thought of but is a great idea I’ll keep in mind for the future!

    I tend to stay in for New Year’s Eve; buy something extravagant or different for dinner that I wouldn’t usually have, treat myself to real champagne and make sure to go outside to see some fireworks just after midnight. I like it being a fun, treat-filled and reflective time of the year!


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