The ‘If I Could…’ Tag!

This is one of my first nomination posts; though it will be the first of many in the next few weeks. I received my nomination from such a lovely lady, Aimee from aimeeraindropwrites – I highly recommend giving her site a looksie if you haven’t already!

If I could live anywhere…

It may seem like an odd answer, but I would love to live in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. I get so fed up with neighbour noise, and road traffic- would much prefer to have to have a golf buggy needed to get to my house, or even a private driveway. Anything to have isolation, peace and quiet!! But would love if this field could be in a nice warm country; Spain, Italy or something like that…

If I could have any home…

I would like a quite modest house, a two floor, 3 bedroom affair; but I would like to have a quiet room. A room with an open fire, a big comfy chair with a heavy fluffy snuggle blanket- and of course, many many books! But then also a normal living room, with a sofa and telly. I’m sad that I wouldn’t want overly much space as I like cosy spaces, so would just have a kitchen-diner, but with a decent oven, and lots of storage for baking equipment.

If I could have any garden…

Nothing to hard to maintain (I HATE gardening), so just lots of grass (preferably the known growing type), and a bench. Would want paddocks all around, so that I can be surrounded by horses! I’ve always kind of wanted a big oak tree as well, so that would be great.

If I could be on holiday right now…

I’m not so sure I would, holidays aren’t really my thing any more. I would not complain to be in a very nice hotel, where I had gorgeous food delivered and I could just do nothing but read and write all day long. But I would not care if this was just down the road! But if it had to be abroad it would have to be Cuba, purely because it was the favourite holiday of my childhood.

If I could have any job…

I really want to write for magazines, and news websites to promote awareness of mental health, specifically psychosis and Schizophrenia. Absolute dream would be to have a weekly column in a paper or magazine.

If I could have any talent…

Would love to be more creative, I bake a lot and do birthday cakes for the family- but always struggle with the decorating, have elaborate ideas, but struggle to pull them off. So I guess cake decorating with piping and fondant work; I can do the basics but would be great to do the more detailed work.

If I could live any day again…

This is the hardest one…  I’m struggling to think back overly far, and keep coming back to two days, but both were actually just evenings. The first being when I went with my parents to see the Script at Thetford Forest- picnic, milkshakes, and fabulous music. Or the night I met Philippa Gregory with my Dad. Think if I had to chose it would be the first.

So I now tag;   OneDizzyBee, Gema Diaz and Ms Mistry – have fun with this excellent little tag.


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