Q&A interest?

So this is a very short post, but is about a concept that I have been thinking about a lot lately. In general I find that people only ever have a basic understanding of Schizophrenia, if any at all; I’m often asked questions about my experience and symptoms, which I’m more than happy to answer.

Therefore I have a question to all my lovely followers; would you be interested in a monthly or quarterly Q&A? This would consist of followers, visitors, pretty much anyone, asking me questions and then me doing a post with all the answers. The questions could be sent through comments on the blog, Twitter, or even Instagram.

If there is any interest please let me know, as well as giving me your first questions..

5 thoughts on “Q&A interest?

  1. As a nurse I think this would be a fabulous idea as it would really raise awareness around Schizophrenia and how people live with it every day x


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