4 weeks Dairy Free- Week 1

As many of you are most probably aware, I have been having issues with my stomach- despite being treated for gastritis; it was suggested to me that it could all be being caused by a milk allergy. Therefore I have made the decision to do 4 weeks dairy free to see if my symptoms improve…This was quite exciting so far if I’m honest; got to go to Sainsbury’s and find lots of dairy alternatives and different bits a pieces to try out.

As per usual, find an alternative to my Costa cappuccino was at the top of my priority. But I have to admit their Soya Caramel Cappuccino is heavenly! I wasn’t too sure about it to start with, as its thinner than normal, and has a slightly more complex flavour, but very quickly it has become one of my favourite drinks.

The same can not be said for making coffee’s from home using the Alpro Light Soya milk. I found it had a nasty after taste, that made it almost undrinkable- not pleasant. So I’m going to try the unsweetened one next. Although, one positive was that it’s less WeightWatchers points than skimmed milk!!

I’m a huge chocoholic, so finding something that would make me feel like I was having chocolate was important. Have to admit I was expecting there to be very little choice, but there actually was quite a bit. I chose the Alpro Dark Chocolate Desserts to start with; all I can say is its like eating liquid chocolate!! Absolutely DELICIOUS.. Through the diet says otherwise as they are quite a few points, but works well for days I’ve done a lot of exercise and earn’t myself a snack!

I have also brought other things- tesco’s free from chocolate brownies, and dairy free ice cream- but haven’t got round to trying these yet, so I’ll let you know what I think next week.

Quickly, I just want to mention how shocked I have been at how many foods have dairy in. I was going to have pea and ham soup the other day, but was shocked to find that it had milk in; and sausages, many varieties have dairy in as well- not too sure why with some.  But not only that, things that you would imagine would have dairy in, doesn’t. Bread for example, is made with soya rather than milk, so luckily I can still have that!

One thought on “4 weeks Dairy Free- Week 1

  1. I don’t have a lot of dairy either, but I do love soy cappuccinos! I’m with you on how horrible it tastes in regular coffee though, and in tea, just forget about it. Bleh. I did find a really nice non-dairy creamer though (not soy) that works really well in coffees and tea that I make at home. Hopefully you can find a similar equivalent. It’s a lifesaver because without coffee I’m a horrid, horrid person 🙂


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