January Book Haul

It has been an alright month book wise, managing to finish 4 books; and make a large dent into my non-fiction book. As for how the books have lived up to my expectations, I have to admit it has been positive. That being all bar one- a Philippa Gregory book! -I know HOW??!!Dracula…

For a book that I didn’t chose this was AMAZING! As a bookclub read, it was completely IMG_0255different to absolutely anything I had ever read, but it certainly has lived up to its title of a classic. The start was slow, but as soon as it shifted to the point of view of the two girls, it became gripping, intriguing, and a great mystery. As would be expected, the language was a little harder and took some more time and brain power was sometimes required; but definitely a well recommended book !

Elijah’s Mermaid…

Once again this was a different read for me, but was another great book. As mentioned in previous posts, this was a gift, but one which from just the back cover excited me. It was a very easy read, ending with an unexpected twist at the end- turning round every thing that you thought was going on. As IMG_0256a whole it was brilliant at keeping you on your toes trying to work out what would happen- a task that proofed difficult, which in a book is a great characteristic. Another book I would say everyone should read!


I was actually excited for this one, and it started off living up to all of my expectations. Showing the betrayal that was so common in the past, and the effects that it had on the young girl; it had all the possibility to be a great story. But I found that it then went a bit strange. There was lots of fantasy references, but they were fully explained; leaving the whole story in an odd zone between history and fantasy.- personally I did not like this. It made it really confusing, not really knowing whether there was magical elements, or if it was just tricks from human influences. Some people may enjoy the mystery of thisIMG_0279 but personally, it just gave the whole book an uncomfortable feel. Highly dissappointed…

Innocent Traitor.. 

Alison Weir is a historical fiction QUEEN!!! This novel supports just why she is one of my all time favourite authors; and turns out is also her debut.  Lady Jane Grey has always been an interesting person in my view, having gone through so much for such a short life- being involved in many royal and political schemes while being still a child. This book is written from literally the point of her birth right through to her death; a section which I found particularly well done, with over 50 pages dedicated to those last 5 days of her life. You saw not only her own thoughts on her impending execution, but also the turmoil that Mary I was said to of gone through. Of course not all the details of this time are completely certain, and Weir does play on some of the rumours of the time. All in all it was an excellent novel, and definitely my best book of the month; so if you are looking for something to read and like stories of real historical people, I highly recommend it be the first book you turn to…IMG_0303

So that is all that I have read this month, overall being quite a successful month, only one book not living up to expectations. I am now working on the classic, Jane Eyre, as part of my 100 books before you die challenge.. So look out for next months haul…


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