Dairy Free- Week 2

It has been a bit harder this week, my mum baked a banana and chocolate cake which smelled delicious- but of course I couldn’t have any. Plus I did forget one time, getting a Galaxy chocolate bar from the supermarket! Sadly didn’t realise till afterwards, so did have a stomach ache after; but here is some of the tricks and gorgeous foods I’ve had.

I had briefly mentioned last time that I’d brought some dairy free ice cream; this is very yummy, and can’t really tell the difference. It has become my new favourite desert I think; having a baked cooking apple, with the ice cream! So easy to make, aIMG_0288nd actually not all that bad in terms of points for the diet. If you just core and bake the apple, then all that needs pointing is the ice cream.

In last weeks diary, I mentioned that I’d been trying Alpro products; this week I had their no bits yogurt. Sadly not as excited about these, definitely prefer normal ones, but as an alternative they are not bad. They come in two flavours, banana & strawberries and peach & pear; however the do many different flavours, but they have bits- and I’m a child IMG_0286and won’t eat yogurts with bits!

When at tescos this week, I went on a search for biscuits as that was what I’d been fancying; and I found the JAMMIE DODGERS are dairy free!! YAY. Very happy, as I have always enjoyed these, so good to be have something familiar that fits with the dairy free diet.

The tescos freefrom Chocolate brownies mentioned in the last post have also now been tried. At first I was a little disappointed, they seemed very dry, and were quite hard to get out their little cardboard boxes. That being said, after the first one, the next day I found myself fancying another- so they can’t be that bad.

Now I thought I’d end with a funny story. At tesco I asked a member of staff where the dairy free products were; her response? ‘There is no such thing as dairy free food’. I had to bite my tongue to not laugh at her, how silly a response- do you really think that all foods have dairy in. All I had to do was wander further down the same aisle and I found the section!

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