January Weight Update..

Well this is a bit late, but better late than never…

So, as planned, this month went rather well! Though I’ve had to adapt for the new dairy free diet, as mentioned in a previous post, but that has actually given me a new boost to really try with it. 

Right lets start with the best part of the month: I got a FitBit!!! Was an early birthday present from my parents- THANK YOU. Just by weighing it while doing everyday things, its been earning me FitPoints so have been able to eat more.. YAY.

Though all in all it has been a good month, the first week wasn’t as good. I managed to maintain my weight at the first weigh-in, which isn’t all that; but when you think that I had a blow out day that week its not surprising, if anything I would of understood putting on. That one day I probably ate about 3 days worth of food; chocolate (before dairy free), a big bag of Kettle Sharing crisps, and pretty much anything else with sugar in. But haho, everyone has those days.

But week two, WOW, it was a good one. I felt a whole new level of determination, deciding at the beginning of the week that I would try and save all my weekly points, and only use my dailies and FitPoints. Early on, I did slip up with this, but I did more exercise and earned back these points- very proud.

I do have one meal that I really want to share, as it was very yummy, very filling, and not all that many points. Was really easy, making a basic tomato sauce using passata, and then just garlic onion and paprika. Fried off bacon and a sliced red pepper, added these in and then cooked two Quorn fillets in the sauce. All this was only 3 points, but I then added tagliatelle putting it up to 9 points; but for a filling lunch or a dinner, it was very nice.


All in all, in January I managed to lose 2 and a half pounds. When looking at the figures it does show that maybe the beginning of the month wasn’t as good as I felt it was, but it definitely paid off for the last weigh in. Fingers crossed for February.

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