Revamping my Bedroom

I’m one of those that comes up with big elaborate ideas of how I want my room to be. Living with my parents, I only have the one room which is ‘mine’- which I can do whatever I want with. My parents have always been happy for me to redo my room pretty much whenever I want, with it being redecorated many many times. However this is the first time I was paying for all the changes, so I felt very few restrictions, and could have it how I really wanted it.

This change has been a matter of just re-purposing. Before Schizophrenia affected my life, my room was my main area of study, so it was designed to help this. I had a large corner desk, with plenty of storage. Now my room is to be a haven- relaxed and peaceful.

As any one that follows my blog would know, I am a huge bookworm; however my bed was only place that I could read- and this has been causing me pain in my back. So the main focus in changing my room was to get a proper chair in there for reading. So this is what happened…IMG_0237

Our first step was to sort out all the cardboard boxes that had accumulated within my room due to redecorating the kitchen. This ended up to be an easy but LONG task! Moving all my baking supplies into plastic storage boxes ready to go into our coal shed. It really was just a matter of lifting them from one box to another, but when you are taking about four cardboard boxes full of stuff it sure can take some time.

Even after just doing this you could see just how large the space I had to work with was. The next big step was to clear everything off of my desk and its multiple shelves and drawers. We cheated slightly with this and put these too into a plastic storage box. I have to admit I was shocked at just how many knick-knacks that I had on there. Old birthday cards, kinder egg toys, and other weird and wonderful things that I’m not even sure how I got. But mostly- RECEIPTS!! I had loads of the little buggers laying on all and every space available, I never realised that I was such a hoarder.

Day 2 of redecoration was MAJOR hard work… dismantling a solid wooden desk. I have to admit this was a tough task as not only was it well made, but actually felt like a waste of a perfectly good piece of furniture. However not much that could be done as it was of little use to me. So the Gerbil’s cage got moved on top of, yes you guessed it, another plastic storage box and we worked on dismantling the desk. Sadly we had to saw through parts of it, making it unsellable, but we still recycled it.

Even though I didn’t have a budget as such for this I still wanted to keep it cheap due to saving for my car, so I managed to pick up a single monitor table on castors for £20 from Argos. This is a place for the Gerbils, cage could sit on top, and I can use the shelf below for all their bits and pieces. The castors allow me to move them about as they enjoy being in different surroundings, but also to make it easier to put them out for a run. This only took 10 minutes to put up! I have brilliant parents…

My new chair arrived the next day. I managed to get this for free from my Aunt and Uncle who were getting rid of it. It is perfect for what I wanted it for; big ‘n’ circular, with soft snuggly cushions. I can sit with my legs either stretched out, or curled up with my book and be nice and comfy. Don’t think this could be any better as its really flexible for my mood.IMG_0324

After getting rid of my desk, I had plenty of wall space above. For some time I had been running out of bookshelf space, where I had been buying so many. Pick up just plain white wooden shelves from BBQ, which my dad put up for me. These fit a surprising amount of books, probably around 20, but I have not counted. But they have been up for some time now, and are all full of books and haven’t been struggling to hold the weight- if anything I  now have empty shelves on my bookcase! And guess what that means?? Buy more books!!IMG_0325

So that is how the changing of my rooms purpose happened. Though I do still have three small square shelves to go up for drinks and statues etc; including a passion fruit jar candle I got for Christmas from my parents. Very excited to see it finished, but could not be happier with having such a great and cosy space to read in- was exactly what I wanted from this.

2 thoughts on “Revamping my Bedroom

  1. I relate to this. There have been times in my life when that need to re-configure my environment, whether it was a room, an apartment, or a house, became imperative. Sometimes it was about the practical, others it was a therapy or a sort of cleansing when a relationship had ended. I enjoy your writing and will have to check out some of the older posts.


  2. Aww what a great new space you have! It sounds like a lot of space but well worth it! I remember when I was living with my parents so had only one room for ‘mine’ and I was constantly revamping it to make it more me. Reading on the bed really does do your back in though doesn’t it?! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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