Dairy Free- Week 3+4

So this all started out as a four week trial, to see if it helped with the stomach aches I was getting- and after just the first two weeks, it really helped! I mentioned this to the Doc to see what it could mean and what the next steps would be, and he has said that I’m showing classic signs of being lactose intolerant. 

Lactose intolerance or intolerance to any food, the Doc explained, can develop at any stage of your life. If you’re born with it, you are likely to grow out of it as your hormones develop; if you develop it later in life, it is more than likely you are stuck with it- unless you go through the discomfort of gastritis or another stomach related issue.

I had gastritis diagnosed last November, being told that my stomach lining was inflamed. The Doc explained that as this healed, it has healed in a way that it is now intolerant. Sorry, but I don’t really understand how this reduces the production of lactase, however that is ultimately what happens if you are lactose intolerant. So I saw my stomach Doc, who has done some tests that his expecting to come back clear, and then on to a Dietician, to see how I will have to adjust my diet.

But anyway, onto the food…

My mum found me a chocolate replacement- both white and milk!! I haven’t managed to try both yet, but I have tried the white. It is very very sweet; but it is definitely a good equivalent to white chocolate so not too surprised about the sweetness as I find this with normal white chocolate as well. Plus added bonus- its in the same of a bunny! Will give an update on the milk one next week.

I mentioned the Alpro soya yoghurts in last weeks post, but only actually got round to trying the Pear and Peach ones this week. Whereas I really liked the Strawberry and IMG_0286Banana ones, these were actually really not nice! I was as if it had mashed up pear in it, which gave it a very grainy yucky texture. Not too sure how I’ll get through the second one of those; plus will sadly probably not get these again despite enjoying one of the flavours.

Once again I’ve been at Costa, trying out different drinks using the soya milk. This week I tried the Soya Hot Chocolate, which sadly I can’t rave about as much I have the Soya Caramel Cappuccino. Although it was good, and I would definitely have it again, it just was not as good as the normal milk ones- but not much can be done about that, so at least it is still enjoyable.

The final thing I want to mention isn’t actually a product you can buy; my mum made me dark chocolate sorbet. It is really nice, especially when had with dairy-free vanilla icecream! Though it is really funny trying to get it out of the tub, you have to carve a cube out of it in order to get it out; even a heated ice cream scoop wouldn’t get anything out of it. Will definitely be asking for more of this, and other flavours!!

From now on, the dairy-free updates will be monthly unless something interesting happens, or I get further information about my lactose intolerance…



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