My 5 top book releases of 2016

What can I say, I am almost 3 months late with this post, but many of these books still haven’t been released, so definitely still relevant. These are only the books that I am most excited about, and probably aren’t the most anticipated within the country, so sorry if a book isn’t mentioned that you wanted. Would love to hear if there was any that you are excited about, in the comments below. 

Right, I honestly could not start with any other book- Ben Kane’s Hunting the Eagles. I have been excited about this release for a very long time, with the previous book in the series, ‘Eagles of War’ being one of my favourite Ben Kane novels. This is set 5 years after the first book, and follows Tullus on his search for the golden Eagles that were lost in the battle against the Germanic tribes. The previous book was tense, and exciting; following the battle of Teutoburg you never knew who was to be lost next, leaving you urging the book on, hoping to see your favourite characters make it through. I don’t want to say too much about the previous as a review will follow soon, possibly along with a review of the new release. But if you are also excited for Hunting the Eagles, you do not have to wait long, as it is being released Thursday 24th March! So if you don’t hear from me, you know where I am….

The rest of these are in no particular order, but the second book is Alison Weir’s ‘Katherine of Aragon: The true Queen’. To say I’m excited for this is an understatement, I am actually going to the book launch for this in Peterborough! This is going to be the first of six in a series all about Henry VIII’s wives, and will be novels- again, very excited, as although Alison Weir is great at making her non-fiction work amazing to read, you really can not beat her fictional work. I say fictional, part of what makes her so good is her ability to keep it so accurate to the history. But as the title suggests, this novel is going to follow the first of Henry’s wives, Katherine of Aragon, I believe going right back to her first marriage- which is a topic I love, due to the huge scale of mystery that surrounds her marriage to Prince Arthur. This is due out on the 5th of May.

This next book is by an author who was one of my favourites when I was younger, she wrote the VA and Bloodlines series’, both of which I love, even being the proud owner of a signed copy!! The Glittering Court is Richelle Mead’s new series, based on a girl who runs away from an arranged marriage, and enters a court where she will be taught how to be a bride, and then gets to chose who she marries. I’ve heard that there is fantasy elements within this, but it sounds like a very good, more grown up edition to her work. However after reading Soundless earlier this month, I am a little weary that I may of grown out of Richelle’s writing style. I haven’t got long to wait to find out, as this comes out on the 5th of April.

Sadly, I’m not uptodate with this series, but after how much I loved the first one, I am really excited about the finale to come out. Conn Iggulden’s War of the Roses series will be ending with the fourth book, Ravenspur; Rise of the Tudors- that name in itself is enough to have me wanting to read it. I don’t want to give too much away, but as the title suggests this series tells the story of the great medieval battle for the throne, the war of the Roses. Between the four books, Iggulden covers all 32 years that the battle is officially recorded as lasting. The first book was full of details about the battles, from the viewpoint of not the typical characters from the era. Will definitely need to catch up on this series before the finale comes out, on the 19th of May.

This final book is a bit of a leap in the dark; I have never read anything from this author- to be fair until recently, I’d never heard of this author! However I have been interested for a while in reading some fairy-tale retellings (BUT NOT THE LUNAR CHRONICLES), and this one just stands out more than others. Heartless by Marissa Meyer is the story of the Queen of Hearts before she became so. Although it would appear to involve more romance than what I normally like in a fantasy novel, this looks so entertaining- how can a girl go from a sweet independent girl, to the figure that is the Queen of Hearts. This sadly though, does not come out until the 8th of November.

There are many more books that I am excited about being released this year, and as I read more, I’m sure this will increase, but for now these are my most favourite anticipated releases.



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