Introduction to Gerbil Antics


Welcome to a brand new series on my little blog. Anyone who has followed me for a while will of realised that my little gerbils are one of my favourite topics to talk about; hence the creation of Gerbil Antics. This will just be a bit of fun, updating you all on the funny little traits and habits that the boys pick up and develop; however it will not be regular, it will purely be as and when they do something interesting  -or I get some cute photos- …IMG_0070

Starting with the first cute fact for the series is one from Digger- which is definitely a recent habit. The boys have both pooped in the food bowl, or to be fair anywhere, ever since I got them; and Drip for sure still does. Before this would not of fazed them, they’d just eat around it, and get on with their little gerbil lives. But NOW, Digger will NOT eat anything from the bowl if there is even a tiny bit of poop in there. He will bang on the bowl, rattle the bowl holder, chew on the bars, anything to get my attention and tell me he needs new food. And best part of all, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night that this is- 9am YES! 4pm YES! 11pm YES! 3am YES! No Digger, just no!

Despite the namesakes, Drip has become a little bit of a digger himself. Their cage sits beside my chair in my room- so they can see me from their cage. Drip seems to of got himself into a little habit of when I sit in my chair but don’t take him out immediately, he’ll go to the corner of the cage that is nearest me, and he DIGS! Right from a baby, whenever Drip digs, he closes his eyes, and go a bit crazy. So when he does this, he goes on his back two legs and digs manically as if he will somehow get through, all while having his eyes squeezed tight shut. It really is a funny sight!

Finally, sadly I didn’t get a photo of this, but it was one from Digger. They both sleep together in a big shell known as their coconut. Normally they will be curled up tight inside, possibly have a head sticking out; but a couple of days ago, I came in to see that there was a random leg sticking out. I had to look closely to work out how this had happened, but Digger was asleep on his back, with his back legs split, one inside the coconut, the other sticking out. They were still both curled up inside. What was funny was as I watched, Digger was actually dreaming, so this one randomly leg that you could see was ‘running’ all on its own! Was very cute, if not a bit funny…

So that’s the end of our first Gerbil Antics episode, I will be taking note of what they do ready for the next one!!

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