So I do rarely do this sort of post as, for a general rule, I read one book at a time- well other than the odd non-fiction on the side. But, as you can probably tell (as hey I am writing this post..), that has changed!!  Since finishing Ben Kane’s Hunting the Eagles, I have been in what I think is my biggest ever reading slump- I want to read, but just can’t find a book I can really get into. Hence the starting many books… So here we go, this is what I am reading..

Four Sisters..

This is a non-fiction book about the last Tsar of Russia’s four daughters. I have been on this book since before the New Year, and I am not even half the way through. Originally I picked it up just as a bit of learning, but it is actually a very interesting book in the most part. However it is a bit slow moving book, that goes into a lot of detail at times where I don’t necessarily feel it needs to. But it is worth it as the hidden lives of these four girls is fascinating and even a little shocking. They were so heavily over shadowed by their younger brother, yet they were so highly viewed and honoured; and if anything it seems as if they actually had more freedom.

The Real Middle-Earth..

I have literally only read a chapter of this, but it is another non-fiction book. It looks at the origins of magic and where we get our ideas of it now. Its quite a small book, that to be fair I have not given enough time towards in order to get into it properly.

The Glittering Court..

I mentioned this novel in my March Reading Wrap-Up, and it is a new release. Other than the slight doubt after Soundless, I was very excited for this book- Richelle Mead wrote two of my favourite series’ as a child, so the idea of a new one had me buzzing. However, I’ve read two chapters so far and I have very little enthusiasm to continue. I’m not really sure why, there isn’t anything that I do not particularly like, I’m just not finding myself as absorbed into the story as I normally would be by Meads novels; rather I feel I’m reading it for the sake of it. I will be completing this novel, and doing a review on it for the blog soon enough.

The Night Circus..

This book is raved about all over booktube, so I decide to give it a go when I saw a beautiful copy of it when I went shopping lately. This I must admit has my attention! I started it the night I brought it, despite being in company, and am very eager to continue reading it. The characters are so mysterious, and I just want to know what is going to happen with Celia. However this next book has had to take my priority for a short while.


The Vinyl Detective Mysteries- Written in Dead Wax: A Vinyl Detective Mystery 1..

Thank you very much to Titan books for sending me this fabulous looking book. This is a mystery novel, full of lots of music references and quirky characters. So far I’m loving this quirky novel and its protagonist, as well as the mystery that is surrounding one of the other characters. I am only a short way in, and already two are dead- a sign of what will be an intriguing crime mystery novel…

2 thoughts on “#CurrentlyReading

  1. I’ve been meaning to read The Vinyl Detective! It seems so interesting. I also have this rule of reading one book at a time but I end up being torn between two or three haha. I’m currently reading Eleven Minutes and The Zahir, both by Paulo Coelho xx


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