A positive life update..

After a few very negative posts recently I thought it was about time I did a positive one, and it could not of come at a better time. Everything seems to be going in my favour lately, and I think that things are probably the best that they have been for a couple of years- some of these things are just small, but to me they are a huge step in the right direction. I will start with the obvious that many people know about- I got to meet royalty. Although I keep showing off about this, the reason it means so much to me is much deeper than that; I’m getting to help raise awareness for mental health. After the last few years, and the journey that my recovery has taken me on, I want to use my experiences to help others in similar situations. At the start of the year, I stated this as one of my aims for the year, but I never expected something this big- my thoughts had been more down the lines of blogging, and volunteering, maybe talking to someone online- never did I expect to be part of a national campaign with such strong backing.

Now for more personal things that are going really well for me– I have a new job! This is the first time I have been able to work since the start of my recovery, and is a huge step. Back in October 2014, I was pulled from work due to my health, but now I am back; working part time in no other than a café bookshop! Other than possibly reading all day, I don’t think I could think of a better place for me to work, and so far I am loving it. I wrote a post not too long ago about how much I wanted to make this step, and how frustrating I was finding it that I was being held back; so far we don’t know if I am ready for this necessarily, but for now, its only having positive effects. Being busy more often, knowing I’m doing something productive and, ha, earning money, is such an amazing feeling- its enough that I don’t feel ‘disabled’ all the time. I’m an adult, doing normal adult things.

Finally, I’m not sure that this is really a thing, rather more of a general trend in my life right now, and that’s just getting to be me rather than letting my mental health control me. I’m going out, staying out late at night, traveling by public transport, and even going into crowded places just for the fun of it. In the last month, I’ve been to Cambridge and Camden just to enjoy the place, not march through to get to X. This may seem so trivial, but after so long of having to plan things so precisely in order to be able to cope, and never would I of been able to cope with strolling through Camden market just have a nose around like I did at the weekend. To top it all of, I’m even going on a holiday at the end of this month. May not be leaving the country, but its going to be a break, which I am incredibly excited for!

So that is pretty much an overview of my life right now, nothing is sugar-coated, everything is actually that positive for me right now. I always moan on about the negative on here as it is always such a highlight to me, but in reality, I shouldn’t. Life is good, everything is moving forward, towards the end of recovery…


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