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This Savage Song- V.E Schwab

This has been the hardest review for me to write. I just can not come up with the words to describe just how well written, developed and unique this novel was. So lets start by thanking the lovely Titan books for sending me this gorgeous book to read and review, thank you. Well lets get into the book review- I have to say that this is easily one of the best books I have read this year, actually rephrase that, its in the top two.This book was fast-paced, but yet had such great character progression; from the start to the end you found out more and more about who August was, and I found myself feeling truly sorry for him. His relationship (and for once, not a romantic one!!) with Kate was one that I found myself rooting for; each challenge they encountered I wanted them to succeed, each argument they had I was praying them to make up. Slight spoiler- while this novel did not contain a romance, I could see one evolving in later novels; and I would be interested to see how this would work in such a mismatched couple.

So normally I would follow a positive with negative aspect, but I have given myself over a month to think over this novel and I have not been able to come up with a negative. The story was just  a little bit of everything you wanted, family relationships, friendships and lots of action and adventure. Aspects had plenty of suspense, and I struggled to ever put it down.

The concept was something that even now intrigues me; the idea of human actions creating monsters is so abstract yet so real. Learning what sins and crimes formed which form of monster was definitely a highlight, and something I would quite enjoy learning more about; although abstract it was something that was easy to understand and I found myself thinking ‘oh wow, so accurate!’. Yes I know it is fiction, but without reading it you wouldn’t understand.

This Savage Song is a novel that you just have to read to understand how gripping, intense and generally fantastic it is, no matter what I say, it would not live up to how excellent this story, and the way it is told is.

I gave this a rating of 5 out of 5 stars obviously, and have actually gone and invested in to more of Schwab’s books as if they are anything like this I know I will love them. Plus I have booked tickets to see her in person at one of talks next month- very excited!!

I’m not normally bossy on here, but GO READ THIS BOOK!!!

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