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The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti

As normal, I’d like to start this review by thanking Titan books for sending me this such exciting sounding novel early for review. The concept although not diversely different from some other thrillers I have seen, was still enough to have me drawn in and want to see what it was a about…Zoe is living, what on the surface, would appear to be the perfect life; newly married, nice apartment, and having the freedom to do as she wishes- or so it seems. Her past is not something that she openly discussed with her husband, and for good reason; but when strange, scary things start to happen around her she is forced to confront her actions in the past.

I cant say that I have read overly many thrillers, and definitely not adult thrillers, but I have to admit this one has got me wanting to pick up more. Although slightly slow to start out, with the plot seeming to be plodding along with no real urgency, by about midway it picked itself up and clawed me in with full strength- with me reading the last half in one sitting.

My main reason for not reading that many thrillers is because I find that I can guess who is involved very early on, and I must say that this was the complete opposite. I thought I knew what was going to happen, and who was behind it all, so was in shock when it wrapped up and you found the culprit; the ending actually being very unique as far as I’m aware.

The writing style was so fabulously easy to follow, and gorgeously descriptive. It has left me longing for not only more thrillers, but specifically more Kate Moretti thrillers; so much so that I am planning a trip to the library now. All in all I gave this book four out of five stars. The only reason for losing a star was because of the slower start, as from about page 150, I would give it a full five stars. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for an easy, exciting, thrilling, gripping read!

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