Thriller Recommendations 2019

Its time again for another post of recommendations, this time around it is all about the thriller books that I think you really must read. All four of these books are amazing, and have stuck in my brain since I first read them.

The first book I want to recommend today is one of my most recent reads, and one that I absolutely adored. After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott is a thriller novel that was released last month from Titan Books, and kept me gripped to its pages from the beginning to the end. I had the pleasure of being part of the blog tour for this last month, but my views are completely my own, and I would rave about this book even if I hadn’t been on the tour. The concept was so different to anything I’ve read before, and the characters were all so loveable, so if you have picked it up already, go and get yourself a copy. You can read my review here. 42387344

From the same author as one of my other recent reads, comes my next recommendation, The Dry by Jane Harper. Earlier this year, I read her latest novel, The Lost Man, and it was just as fabulous. But I would definitely say you should start off with her first work. The setting of all her books is so unique, set in the Australian out back, these books have an element of suspense to them that I have never found in any other novels. They are perfect to be read in the summer, especially if we have good whether as you can appreciate the surroundings so much more. You can read my review for this book here. 31560399

The next two were two of my favourite books of a few years back, and they have stuck with my ever since.

The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti is an intense identity based thriller. This was the start of my obsession with this style of thriller novels, still now I am always on the search for new books like this. I read this very quickly, and the benefit you have is that there are now more books. She has since released Blackbird Season and In Her Bones, both of which you can definitely add to your TBR if you love this one. You can read my review for this book here. 31846442

Shortly after discovering Kate Moretti, I had the please of reviewing The Passenger by Liza Lutz. This was another identity based thriller, that I read in no time at all. Following a woman running away from being accused of a crime she didn’t do, and having to start over and try and make a life for herself. I found myself getting very attached to Debra, and that in itself kept me glued to the pages. Once again you can read my review here, and soon she will be releasing her new book, The Swallows. 29451611

So those are the four thriller novels that I have to recommend, but trust me there could be many more. But those will have to wait for another time. Have you got any thriller novels you’d like to recommend? I’m always on the search for more.


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