Happy National Mental Health Day

Today is not another boring Monday- although Monday is just another day to little old me- instead it is NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH DAY!! Sadly that doesn’t mean presents or loads of sunshine, or even a day off for most of us, but it does mean a day of raising awareness for the huge, unbiased, wide-ranging problem of Mental Health.Some people may be thinking that Mental Health is something that doesn’t effect them, but actually EVERYONE has mental health; while some people have bigger issues such as Schizophrenia or depression, others are lucky to have good Mental Health. Mental Health is not a disease or an illness, its a state of mind; you can have good mental health, you can be happy and positive with your life all together, working towards your goals. However, sadly, a larger percentage of people than you may realise have difficulty with their mental health, having conditions that make having good mental health a whole lot harder.

Mental Health can portray itself in so many weird and wonderful forms, psychosis to behavioural to emotional, it is such a wide ranging, incredible condition of the human body. It can change within minutes, its effected by almost all that you do, and it can change the direction that your life takes. When mental health goes bad, it can halt your life almost completely, it can stop you in you footsteps and make you wait until it fixes itself. It can go back in a matter of weeks, days or even hours; and then take years to get back to normal.

I’m sorry for the rather general broad post but Mental Health is a problem that is ignored way to often; not that I can talk about ignoring it, as I hid mine for about 8 years. I will be doing another post for National Mental Health Day tomorrow sharing my Mental Health story.

2 thoughts on “Happy National Mental Health Day

  1. I think we need more than a day to try to raise more awareness of mental health. When I tell people my disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, I’m often met with blank stares or “what’s that then?” Mental health disorders are so taboo and overlooked, still. x

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