What’s to come in 2017

It has been a really rough few months, so much in my life has changed, and that’s triggered me to make some changes of my own. Circumstances have given me a great opportunity to make some adjustments and focus my life slightly differently. I have decided to make the most of the situation that I am in, and am going to use this time to work on something that I love and want to achieve. So lets start with what has happened; my Granddad has passed away, and my parents have split up causing disruption for me at home- this is why I’ve decided that right now studying is not the best decision of how to spend my time. Therefore I’ve delayed my course for the foreseeable future- so what am I going to do with my time instead?

I am currently looking for a job more focused on books or writing that will offer me more hours. I ideally want to get into the publishing industry but I don’t think I will achieve that quite yet so I am looking at bookshops, and council libraries. Writing and books are my passions in life and I really want to spend as much time in environments that encourage this as possible.

But despite that I am looking for a paid job, my main focus is now going to be on blogging. Lately I’ve been being offered more and more opportunities to review for publishers but have been struggling to find the time to keep up with it all- this way I will have a focus on reading, making it my ‘job’. I’ve been doing this for a few days already and am reading more in the short time of change.

I’m also hoping to be able to do more lifestyle and MH writing for charities, organisations as well as just for myself. The dream is to really build up my blog in the next year. This year, my first blogging year, has been great- I’ve grown massively and even have my own domain name now, however I would still like to expand further, reach to more people. I’m not in this to become famous, I just want to reach people with my story and help others; something I feel I’ve already managed to start doing.

So that’s what’s to come next year, a whole lot more of me and my blog basically. I’ve not yet made a new schedule, and to be fair I’m not sure if I’m going to work by a fixed schedule. My thoughts are to just have a set number of posts go out a week, but leave the days flexible ready for adaption due to blog tours etc.

One thought on “What’s to come in 2017

  1. I am sorry things have been so disruptive and difficult in the last few months, but I think you have a fantastic opportunity to grow even more now. Watching you grow over the last 12 months has been amazing, you really have gone from strength to strength. And I know now you have the time to really dedicate yourself to your blog, it’ll grow even bigger and better! xx


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