My Christmas TBR

Its Christmas- well almost!! And that means that I will hopefully have plenty of reading time, which is lucky as I have a lot to get through before January with book tours and reviews due. However I am really excited for all of my Christmas reads; but I should warn you, none of them are actually ‘Christmassy’!My first read of the next couple of weeks is The Dry by Jane Harper, and I am already more than half the way through this. So far it has succeeded in causing me lack of sleep due to me not being able to put it down; having me hooked while ever so slightly scared of some of the characters. This is a thrilling debut crime novel with a plot of a mass death of a family and an old death 20 years previous, being investigated by Falk, a man who was friends with both victims. I’m excited to see how this is going to wrap up, and hope to finish this in the next couple of days- I will be doing a full review in the new year as part of a blog tour for the release of this novel. If you are as intrigued by this plot as I was you will only have to wait until 12th of January so save some of that Christmas money.

Next I’m going to have a slightly lighter read with Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan.  This is another debut novel being published by Doubleday on 26th of January; which I believe is a young adult sci-fi romance set in space. The romance between the two characters, Carys and Max, was once that of long-distance and online romance- that is until they decide to change this and take their lives into their own hands. (Apologies if I have interpreted this slightly wrong). This has been sitting on my side for a couple of weeks now, and I am really excited to get into it- really hoping to fly through it in a couple of sittings.

As long as it arrives it in time I will then be reading Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman, a novel about a young girl after the death by suicide of her high school boyfriend. Making a new friend, Hannah Dexter is transforms and finds a new ‘lust for chaos and rebellion’. But of course, the new friend, Lacey Champlain has a secret. Described as starting and ending with tragedy this novel has me excited to dive in and find out the secrets that are within. This is being published on 12th of January, so once again, there will not be long to wait and I will be doing a full review as part of a blog tour in the new year.

The final book I am reading for review will be Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie. Yet another debut crime novel, with two murders to investigate, a pair of detectives have to work out the truth behind their colleagues death. Being published on 26th of January, I will be doing a full review in the new year nearer the time.

And as if that wasn’t enough for the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping to get through a few graphic novels as well as I’m only 3 away from hitting my GoodReads goal. What are you reading this Christmas?


One thought on “My Christmas TBR

  1. Good luck getting through your TBR! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble. I only have 1 book to get through before I’ve completed my GoodReads challenge – so excited! xx


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