Best Book of 2016

So the year is not quite over yet, so this is going just from what I have read up until this point. As of right now I have not quite managed to hit my GoodReads target of 50, but I am only 3 books away from it so I’m still confident. When I sat to write this I planned on just working with all the books I had read this year despite when they were released, but when I looked through what I read this year and picked my favourites, they just happened to mostly if not all been released this year. But lets get into this… My top two are very much tied while being completely different genres, one fantasy and one historical.

  • This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab- This was the first of her books that I have read and I was reading it for review. I could not believe how quickly I fell in love with Victoria’s writing style and the whole concept of this story, plus it was so refreshing to have a young adult book with a really good friendship rather than a romance.
  • Hunting the Eagles by Ben Kane- I have loved and adored Ben Kane for a few years now, and was counting down the days for my pre-order to come through my door. Wish I’d read it straight away but was ill when it arrived, but that did not stop me adoring it once it did arrive. I believe I finished it in a number of days, and Kane even reduced me to tears at one scene.

I highly recommend both of these books, although in very different genres they both are up to incredibly high standards and are so enjoyable no matter what.

The next two are again in no particular order and are again really different- this is proving to me how vast my reading preferences are in fiction novels.

  • Alice by Christina Henry- I have a secret love for dark and twisted fantasy and fairy tales, and this ticks all the boxes in that category. Based after the events of the famous Alice in Wonderland tales, this is a novel of how society accepts her after she returns and the crazy things that follow her even after Wonderland. This along with its sequel ‘Red Queen’ are just fabulous quick spooky reads.
  • Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory– well is it really any surprise that Philippa Gregory’s latest book is in this list? I loved this one as its quite different from any of her work that I’ve read in the past, being based in Scotland rather than England, however that does not make it any less AMAZING!

So they are my favourite reads of the year, but I feel the need to make a quick mention for two thriller novels that have reintroduced me to the genre of Thrillers. These are both books I was sent by Titan Books, but I fell in love with them both very quickly, and have been on the search for as good a thriller ever since! These are The Passenger by Lisa Lutz and The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti.

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