2017 Reading Goals

Last year I set myself some reading goals, and to say the least it didn’t go overly well. This year, therefore I’m setting myself some even harder ones! Make sense? No? I know, its a bit crazy! But oh well, I have a good feeling about the blog and my reading this year so I’m going to aim high. So once again, I’m going to start with my GoodReads goal. I should probably tell you all that I didn’t actually manage to achieve my goal of 50books last year, missing out by 2 books. But I’m going to put that down to the month long reading slump, plus with everything that went on at the end of the year, I was rarely in the mood to read. This year therefore, I’ve set my goal at 75 books. I’m starting the year off with starting to blog full time, so I am hoping that this will allow me more time to read, both review and normal books.

Also I will be trying to add to my 100 book to read before you die, I only managed to add another 2 to my already 3 from before. So I’m hoping to add to this considerably but I will see how it goes.

Generally I am hoping to widen my genre range, to add some more non-fiction and oddly I want to try some poetry. I honestly do not know why, as Ive never liked poetry, but I’ve heard of a lot reviews about modern poetry lately.

Finally I am hoping to finish some more series this year. I have many that I have start or read the first book of, that I want to at least read another book of if not finish. These include:

  • Harry Potter
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses series
  • Deathnote
  • Order or Darkness
  • Red Queen Series
  • Matthew Shardlake series


There is a few more, but these are just a few that I know I own the next or rest of the series, so I’d really like to continue on with it.

So that  is all of my challenges for reading this year; do you have any challenges?

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