Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan

Going into this book I was not too sure what to expect; described as a sci-fi romance I was in two minds about how I would take this. I love a good sci-fi, and enjoy a nice romantic element to a novel but I do not like novels that focus purely on the romance in the majority of cases. This one was different- I absolutely LOVED it!!In a world where everyone moves where they live of a rotated schedule, and no-one is allowed  to settle down with a partner and have children until there 30s, Carys and Max are unlucky enough to fall in love. With the difficulties of getting into outta space being a modern main problem, Carys is a pilot trying to find ways to get out and escape the failing Earth, while Max is a Chef, when he is not being forced to work for the family business. They must work out how to continue their relationship after rotation in a world where young love is forbidden. But then they find themselves in space, with only 90 minutes of air left.

As a girl who met their boyfriend on Tinder, it was nice to read such a sweet novel where the relationship was mostly online, with the struggles of trying to find time together. However, this relationship wasn’t cheesy, or awkward or any of the things that normally causes me to hate romance novels. The political system, with its unique set up and concept was so intriguing that it complimented the romance perfectly giving the novel something for those who aren’t into romance.

The main base of the novel however is set in space, where they are falling towards Earth, with only 90 minutes of air left. These bits were possibly my favourite- so honest and heartfelt. It wasn’t loved up for the sake of it, but rather the truth of the panic that would be felt during the moment of facing ultimate death; with quibbling and bickering about solutions to their problems, and being focused on all crazy ideas of how they could possibly save themselves.

I gave this novel a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The deduction of half a star was for one simple reason- during the final section of the novel, it give a selection of outcomes to the situation- this originally confused me as to what had happened. However I did go back over this section and it settled to me what had happened and it was a fabulous conclusion to this whole novel. This is Katie Khan’s debut novel, and that in itself is amazing! I highly recommend this for both sci-fi, romance and even just those that like YA fiction. I would say this is a must read for everyone in 2017!!


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