January Life Update

Wow, January already- last year was a weird mix of, gone in a flash, and dragging through the entire year. But all in all I’m glad that it is over and that we can now move on with a new year, new opportunities and new goals. Starting this year, I’m not necessarily in the best place to start off, and I’m going to use this post to give you an idea as to where I am in my life as of right now. img_0458-1The end of last year, from about September, was definitely rough. It just seemed to be one bundle of bad news after another until I started to feel like my entire world was being thrown in the air and falling down hard. My Granddad passed away at the end of November, which left December as a bit of an odd month- organising a funeral, trying to come to terms with what had happened and then somehow trying to prep for Christmas. To top this off, my parents split up, meaning that the time in my family home is now numbered.

While all this was going on, I also handed in my notice at my job. There was a variety of reasons for this, which I’m not going to go into, but its left me in yet another odd situation. I’ve applied for lots of new jobs and positions all that relate to books or publishing- I have officially decided that I’m not going to settle for just any job again, but instead I’m looking for an opening into the career or at least the industry I want to be in- BOOKS.

But until then, I’m in the brilliant position to blog full time! So that is what I am doing, letting the blog grow and expand, and work with more publishers for reviews, tours, and giveaways.

The blog aside though, I’m doing good considering. There’s a lot of change, and things that I personally need to work through and deal with- how long this is going to take I don’t know, but its all things that can only get better. For now, my Schizophrenia is a little unstable, voices are wavering, but overall its still controlled- still able to continue as normal. What is causing the most issues is the anxiety. I’m having days where I don’t want to go out, and generally never in the mood for crowded places or dealing with people.

Luckily, so far this is not making too much of an impact. I’m not going to some events, football matches etc, but I am still out everyday, and doing various things with family and friends.

On one final note, physical health is once more up in the air. I came down with the viral infection just before Christmas which completely knocked me off my feet, and have now got a sinus and ear infection. So back on antibiotics, and pretty much bed rest- but would it be a January without antibiotics?

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