Exciting Books of 2017

So like all overly obsessive book lovers, at the start of the year I love looking at what books are due to come out and pre-ordering a bundle so that I get exciting little book parcels throughout the year. But this year most of my top books are once I’ve known about for a while, either being sequels to some of my favourite books, or new books from favourite authors. This is just going to be my list of five (ish- a novella is included) most anticipated books for this year. Sorry that this is a little late in the year. These are going to be in no particular order as to be fair that would just be too hard to put them in order, so let get started.

  1. Eagles in the Storm by Ben Kane- this is the third book in the Eagles of Rome series that follows a bunch of the Roman soldiers during their battles in Germany and other European territories.  This is quite a hard to explain series, but I can guarantee to you that it is fantastic. I’m tempted to try and do a re-read of the previous book before this comes out on 23rd of March.
  2. A Kings Obsession by Alison Weir- the second in what I believe is a six part series, this novel follows Anne Boleyn through her life including her pursuit and life with King Henry VIII. I’m super super excited for this one! Alison Weir is one of those authors where her new books are always my most anticipated and always on pre-order- but this time I’m lucky enough to be reviewing this early (thank you headline books!) so its already on my kindle waiting for me to finish this months review books. This comes out on the 18th of May, but if that’s not soon enough then there’s an e-short coming out on 9th of March called The Blackened Heart.
  3. Our Dark Duet- Victoria Schwab’s concluding novel to her Monsters of Verity series this is promised to be a good one. In a world where sins produce actual monsters, where the country is divided, two people have opposing goals. A monster that wants to be human and a human that wants to be a monster, they have to group together to stay alive. The first book, This Savage Song, was one of my favourite books last year, so I can not wait to see how this is concluded. This is due out on 13th of June.
  4. Lost Boy by Christina Henry- a Peter Pan retelling, I believe this is a back story for Captain Hook, but I know very little more for this- but then I don’t need to know more. Christina wrote one of my favourite series of last year, Alice and Red Queen. I’m hoping this to be another dark and twisted fairy tale retelling. Due out on 4th of July, I’m seeing this as a summer read in the sunshine.
  5. In the Name of the Family- again another one I don’t know overly much about, but I know that is based on the historical family the Borgias, and that is all that I need to know. Coming out on 2nd of March, you don’t have long to wait- I’ll have a full review out before then for this stunner of a novel.

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