Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Looking for a spooky, chilling thriller to snuggle down with during these colder evenings, then this is definitely one for you to pick up.  From start to finish this book moves at a constantly rapid pace, with not a single dull moment-proving to make this a quick intriguing read, helped by the fact it draws you in and refuses to let you go.I want to start off by thanking Penguin and Sarah Harwood for sending me this beautiful book to read and review, its highly appreciated that you gave me this opportunity.

When Katie Browne goes missing from her home town Cambridge, its assumed that she has just run away from a unhappy family life. But Margot Lewis disagrees. A school teacher who also writes an advise column in her local newspaper is going through a divorce and trying to find her feet back on her own. This is disturbed when she starts to receive letters from Bethan Avery. Bethan was a 14 year old school girl, now she is presumed dead after going missing twenty years ago. Margot is now sure that the two girls disappearances are connected and is determined to find them, even if the police aren’t- and it could possibly endanger her own life.

Not going to lie, one of my favourite aspects of this book, and part of the reason it stuck with me to the level it did, is because of the setting. The city of Cambridge is not far from me, and is somewhere I’ve visited regularly; this meant I could picture the areas that were talked about- the description being so in depth I could see it all happening as if Id actually seen it. With mention of the university and each of the colleges it had me wanting to go back.

Personally I thought this was rather unique for a thriller, it wasn’t a concept I’d read before. Plus being written in such a way that you got the odd chapter from Katie’s point of view was excellent, it added in the extra suspense whenever the Margot storyline was losing pace, you got a snippet of what was going on with Katie which just drew you right back in to having to find out what happened to Bethan.

Another fabulous aspect to this thriller was that although you got enough insight that you could piece together what had happened to Katie, you were not given any further information on Bethan, so it was impossible to guess the outcome. I loved this as it meant that my guesses were all completely random, and no where close. This is something I find lets some thrillers down, when you are able to guess the outcome early on, so this was an amazing feature of the novel that had you reading till the very last page.

This novel was exciting, thrilling and down right gripping. IT was refreshing to read a novel that was set at a consistent pace from start to finish that just constantly had you wanting to get to the end- in a good way of wanting to know what had happened. In the end I rated this at 4 stars out of 5, and I highly recommend you find a bookstore and go and buy this NOW- its out today!!

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