My first Q&A Part 1

This is something a little bit different to mix it up a bit on the blog. I asked around on twitter for a few weeks asking for a bunch of questions about me and my blog, hoping that by answering them, you’ll get to know me some more. Not going to lie, in the end most of these questions came from just the one person, but I decide it was still worth doing. So lets get answering…

What was the number one book you read last year?

  • This is a tough one, as although I wrote a whole blog post on it, I never decided on my top 1.  My top two of last year was definitely This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and Hunting the Eagles by Ben Kane. Still I’m not sure if I had a favourite between these two as they’ve both stuck with me and I’m excited for their conclusions coming out this year.

What is your dream job?

  • Ooo good question. This has changed a lot for me over the years, and still it varies day to day. I love doing what I do, just blogging and reading everyday but not sure that a viable job- generally the aim is to one day get into journalism about books or just publishing; but as I said, it changes regularly.

What sort of house would you like to live in?

  • It would have to be in the countryside, with a river next to it; a reasonable sized house- nothing too big. I love houses with character, so either Tudor or Gothic style, with big open fire places and bay windows for me to sit and read in. I would love to have a dedicated room just for reading with big comfy chairs and lots of bookshelves. An added bonus would be for there to be stable out back for horses to live in.

What is your all time favourite book?

  • I love this question, and for some reason one book jumped to mind and it has to be The Secret Garden. It was a book I made my Nan read to me over and over again as a child, and for some reason it still really sticks with me.

Which book would you say has had a profound impact on you or the way you perceive life? 

  • This is tricky as I generally read very light-hearted or historical books that don’t really get me thinking. But at the end of last year I read a book that has had me thinking about my life and how I life it a lot lately and its a book called Happy as a Dane. Not only has it had me wanting to visit, but its made me question some of the things I focus on in life. This doesn’t come out until March, but I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for it.

Well that is the first half of my Q&A. Due to it becoming incredibly long, the second half will be coming on to the blog next week!! So be sure to check it out!




One thought on “My first Q&A Part 1

  1. Aww, love this!! I really enjoy Q&A’s and so pleased you went ahead and did it anyway! Love your answers – your ideal house sounds like my ideal house, too! Happy as a Dane sounds really interesting – I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that one.

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