Snatch by Gregory Mcdonald

Even as I write this, I cant quite get my head around this book and what I think about it. At times I found myself engrossed into it, trying to blitz through to the end, but others I just found I really wanted to put it down. I’m going to say now, that although this book is not going to have my most positive review, I can definitely see potential in it that others would possibly enjoy.Split into two novels, this book runs with the continual theme of kidnapping. Because of the two separate halves of this books, I’ve decided I’m just going to use the first one in order to write this review. When the UN Ambassador’s eight year old son, Toby Rinaldi, goes missing the Ambassador and His Majesty have to rally around to get to the bottom of where he’s gone. Meant to of been on a plane to California, Toby is kidnapped at some point during his journey, stopping him arriving to his mother as planned. Christina Rinaldi, Toby’s mother, is distraught, and with the help of a Colonel she has to work out what she should do in this new situation.

The potential that this story had is unbelievable. I cant go too into it because it will spoil parts, but the character and relationship between Toby and his kidnapper was the reason I kept going back into this book. Personally, I feel that this should of been a bigger focus of the story, and definitely it could of gone on longer to develop it further; but instead I feel like it was rushed to finish.

A conclusion to a book, is always a huge part of what I think about it; I like the ending to be a built up wrap up, being developed and the tied together. With Snatch, I felt that the ending was a bit of a rush decision. It was well expected, and very uneventful; although admittedly it was a happy ending. This just left me a bit flat, and as if the novel was still only in draft form rather than a fully revised novel; Snatch could easily of been made better by developing the plot and adding to it, rather than keeping it to just the one plot line.

MY biggest disappointment for this story was the setting, and the description of the setting. The majority of the second half of the story is all set in one location- something I find can work really well for stories- but this was not made the most of. Despite such a substantial period being set in the same place, the description was just never very clear, the setting was never fully developed, and I lacked the ability to visualise what I was reading.

Snatch was not the novel I was hoping for, but yet it holds a huge amount of potential if ever the author wanted to rework it. The story line could be twicked and developed  slightly to make it such a fully rounded and fabulous novel.

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