Guest Post- Things Young Adults Shouldn’t Rush Into


Let me start by saying that this will be a strange post. Any post that consists of just mere opinions of mine when I’m sober will for sure be strange.


As a child, everything seems simple – You eagerly wait to join school ‘cause that’s the first step into a “BRIGHT FUTURE” – School, get a job, meet prince charming, get married, have kids and the cycle continues. But as you grow up, reality tends to hit you right in the face and that’s when you start seeing things in a different point of view.


The society has programmed our minds to live our life’s just like how we play candy crush or any other games in the app store. Take for example, candy crush for you to get to the next level you have to complete the current level, so depending on how first we are, we are able to finish most levels and move a step ahead


Unfortunately, that’s how our life’s have become; we want to rush into these levels trying to unlock them just to get to the highest level. Whatever happens in between doesn’t matter we are to focused just to get to the top – Do you know that empty feeling we get after achieving and unlocking all the levels in a game, that’s the equivalent feeling you’ll get after focusing on the societal ladder that consists of go to school, get good grades, get a degree, get a good job, get married to prince charming, have kids.


Sometimes we just need to take a step back and think if that is really what you want. Because if its not you are always going to feel empty no matter how big your achievements are. Its okay to want to be financial stable, to be married and have a good job but then is it worth the rush. One step at a time and be aware of everything in between our goals ‘cause you might be surprised when you realize you don’t want to get a degree, you just want to dedicate your life to volunteering- It happens!


I came up with a list of some things we shouldn’t rush into, things we need to pay close attention and have conversations with our inner self before getting into:-






I’m well aware no one can ever know what to really expect in marriage no matter how many books, videos and conferences on marriage you read, watch and attend peoples journeys are different. Don’t just get into marriage because you think you’ve achieved everything else and that’s the only step remaining for your life to be perfect. Its okay to wait, no need to set time limits you’ll be disappointed. Just let things be; discover and create yourself in the meantime. When you feel you are in a position to accommodate and care for another human being know its time to make a step into marriage life




Having Kids


Children are a blessing from God so we won’t talk about “It was an accident” or  “ A mistake”. Every time I think of kids, I think of all the love I want to shower them with and gifts and if possible the best of everything. Why bring another human into the world when “your world is crushing” and can’t afford to take care of them. Why are you in a hurry to get a child when you my friend still feel the need to discover yourself and are still dependent of your parent. Please slow your roll, use protection and everything else till the right time comes. You always know when the right time comes




Permanent Corporate Jobs


I’m in my early 20’s and I get offended when older people tell me, “ In your early 20’s you need to venture out, try everything else don’t look for something permanent at the moment- enjoy your 20’s” I always just give them “that look” but then at the back of my mind I get what they’re saying. I know bills have to paid but we need to start small. When you get a permanent job at 22 and become a manager at 25 that means your life start revolving around your job you get good salary, you invest in properties at 30 you appear on billionaires under 30. THEN WHAT!?




Choosing Careers


I can tell you this with experience, the rush isn’t worth it. Yes it might have been a personal foolish decision but my heart still aches for any young-ling out there who would get themselves into my situation. Take your time when choosing a career path,forget all the hype about at a certain age you should have archives specific list of things. Forget job market, fancy jobs and bonus salaries. Take a month if possible to contemplate if that is the career you want, do your research to know if what you expect to do is really what the career entails. Choose career you’ll enjoy waking up to 30 years from now . A career that you’re willing to create your own job opportunity if job opportunity doors are closed




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