Why hello Glandular Fever…

So, once again, my body has proven how useless it can be. You all, well if you follow me on twitter, will of seen me moaning and groaning about my health, and feeling horrible; and there is a very simple reason why. I have Glandular Fever. Thought I’d use this post to let you know what’s gone on for me to find this out, and then what its causing and what is to be expected. img_0341-2Right, so currently, I am on absolute rest, bed rest, whatever you want to call it; I cant do anything. I’m spending my days moving from the bed to the sofa and back again, with baths thrown in to help with the aches. Good news? It giving me lots of time and opportunities to read and blog.

I’m still sort of learning what Glandular Fever is as I go along, but my understanding of it is that’s its a condition that can develop after a virus or infection that attacks your glands. IT causes headaches, swelling in your neck, muscle and joint pain, and really extreme fatigue- currently I have all of these. Later it can cause prolonged fatigue and secondary infections.

So currently as I mentioned I have all the main symptoms, as well as not being able to tolerate alcohol, loud noises or bright lights; therefore I’m in a house with all blinds drawn and the tv turned down.

I first started feeling ill over Christmas, and was told I had a viral infection, then a week later was diagnosed with a sinus infection; two weeks later I went back to the doctors as still didn’t feel great, and was told I had another sinus infection, and that they’d check for glandular fever just to rule it out. I got a call a week later to say that I did have it and that I needed to be prepared for six months or symptoms and recovery.

The fun part is that I seem to need hot food about every three hours during the day, so I’m having a lot of pot noodles, mug shots and Uncle Bens rice! Plus I’m getting to lie in bed each day and get through my many many books.

Frustratingly its completely disturbed my life. I’ve had to cancel my birthday celebrations, turn down internships, and reject interview requests- as well as change holiday plans and some of my fitness challenges for the year.

I would love to hear from anyone that is either suffering from this currently or has experience with glandular fever; I could really use advice on how to deal with the fatigue and muscle pains.

One thought on “Why hello Glandular Fever…

  1. My mum had glandular fever when she was very young; she was quite poorly for some time. But at least you can, and will, recover from it! I know it must be so frustrating right now though. Hope you start to feel better soon.

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