Buddle Review

This is going to be a quick little post as I really want to just say how much I love my new book buddles. Who has issues with books getting bent and damaged when you carry them to the coffee shop or park? Want your books to stay perfect and beautiful even if you have to travel with them? Then Buddle has the answer. Made by Jules (twitter @julesbuddle), Buddles are soft fabric pouches for you books. They come in varying sizes, paperback, hardback as well as doing kindle and iPad ones; I got the paperback and kindle one.

These are just fabulous, with a choice of fabric you can have this make so that it suits you chosen reading genre or just who you are. They are snug so that the book doesn’t easily fall out, and is held in there nice and safe, but aren’t bulky so its no different in weight or size. The kindle one even has a little button strap on it for added protection to stop it falling out!

Buddles are just adorable, and perfect for any book lover- I’ve even now ordered my hardback one. They would make perfect presents for any book lover out there, whether they love paperback, hardback or ebook- Mother’s Day is coming up ;).

So that’s about it, I did say it would be a short one. Buddle can be found at @bookbuddle on Twitter or they have an online store- the waiting time is really short, I got mine within a week!

Go check them out!!


*this is not sponsored, I just really love them this much*

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