March Reads and April TBR

Well this month has really sucked reading wise for me. I read a book I had been really looking forward to for over a year, and it was just as fabulous as I was expecting- however that has then left me in a bit of a reading slump. Slowly I did get through some other books after that, but my whole reading speed slowed right down and I’m finding myself not wanting to read anything else. This is not helped by the fact I have a LOT going on in real life that is diverting my attention. But lets get into seeing what I did read, and what I am hoping and praying to read next month…So as I said, March was not my best month for reading, finishing only five books. I did come close to finishing a sixth that I was really loving, but lately I’ve just not been able to pick up any book, even this one that I’ve been really enjoying. Therefore I will be adding this one to my April TBR, but first lets discuss the five I did read..

  • The Method by Shannon Kirk
  • Superman/Batman Vol 11 Worship
  • Eagles in the Storm by Ben Kane
  • Those who lie by Diane Jeffrey
  • Follow me Down by Sherri Smith

This month it is very easy for me to say which book was my favourite for the month and its the same that is partly to blame for me wanting to not read any other book unless its a continuation of that one. And that book is Eagles in the Storm. I have followed this series since the start, and this was not a disappointment for its conclusion- I have written a full review but it is just simply fabulous, I recommend this series to all historical fiction fans. I’m already so excited to find out what Ben Kane will be bringing out next!

For once, I don’t think that its fair for me to talk about a ‘worst’ book of the month for March as I’ve been in such an odd reading mood. But I will let you know that it is Parallel Line by Steven Savile that I did not quite manage to finish, I have all of about 75 pages left, but have fallen into a not wanting to pick up a book mood- its been over a week since I opened a book!!

So after last month, I’m going to set myself quite an easy target of just six books to read this month- I still have a lot going on that is holding my attention away from reading. I have pencilled in to read some graphic novels, or books that have been sitting on my shelves for a while next week; the hope is that this will snap me out of my inability to read. But the books I am naming here I the ones I will be reviewing, so lets go…

  • A Gift of Darkness by Patience Ibrahim
  • Our Young Guardians: Seven and Two by Rodi Szoke
  • Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel
  • Anatomy of Innocence by Laura Caldwell
  • The Run-out Groove by Andrew Cartmel
  • Parallel Lines by Steven Savile

I think this list should be easily doable, and I’m even hoping to do a reread of Sleeping Giants before I read Waking Gods, but I will be seeing how I get on. As always I have a couple of graphic novels sitting waiting, though this month I’m just going to see what happens Other things may need to take priority, hopefully though I can get plenty pre-written so as to keep the blog ticking over for you all.

What are you reading this month?



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