Quick Update- Moving

So I have mentioned in various blog posts and many times on Twitter now that I am in the process of moving home. This is the first time that I have moved when I can remember it, and I must say it is living up to being one of the most stressful events to happen in someones life. This is only going to be a quick short post as wait was meant to be going out today has been delayed.

But I finally have an official moving date, I am moving on Thursday!! No, I am not ready.

Its a going to be a bit annoying, as I actually move out on the Thursday and not moving in to the new house until the Friday. So going to be crashing at my boyfriends for the night- luckily really close to the new house.

So far, pretty much only packed up one cupboard, three bookshelves and one set of drawers, so this weekend is certainly going to be a busy one.

I’m not going to talk too much about the stressful emotions of moving as there is a post about that coming in a couple of weeks, but I will tell you that being forced into this position has definitely made it a whole lot harder. If you’ve been following my monthly updates, you’ll know that Ive had a lot go on lately, with losing my Granddad and my Mum moving out, moving now would not be my choice of time.

Very soon, I will be starting a session of counciling as I’m not really dealing too well with it all at once, and just need some help to come to terms with all the changes and the adjustments to relationships I’m having to make.

Later I’m sure I’ll talk more about all of this in later blog posts, but this just lets you know why I may be a little less active online. I am hoping to keep to three blog posts a week, but I’m sorry if I miss one. I’ll be back full swing with the blog in my new reading room and study once I’m all settled down.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update- Moving

  1. Dear Alexx, I feel for you! Moving is so stressful, especially in these circumstances. But maybe in the end you will feel like a butterfly emerging from a worn-out chrysalis! Good luck! Best regards, Gavin

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  2. Moving is stressful at the best of times – and things haven’t exactly been the best recently! Hope the move goes smoothly though, with minimal stress. It’ll all be worth it once you’re at the other end xx

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