A Kings Obsession by Alison Weir

Well, I’ll declare now that I am going to be a tad bias within this review- reason? Purely because it is an Alison Weir book, and she has been one of my favourite authors since I first got out of reading children’s books. I’ve loved each and every of her past books, and they are all go to rereads for me, and ‘The Kings Obsession’ is no different.

Although I had the hardcover on pre-order I was very thankful to receive an early copy from Netgalley so a huge thank you to Headline for accepting me for this.

‘Fresh from the cultivated hothouse of Renaissance France, Anne draws attention at the English court. A nobleman, a poet and a king vie for her love. She has a spirit worthy of a crown – and a crown is what she seeks. It is a more powerful aphrodisiac than love. And so she embarks on her perilous course, which will plunge a kingdom into turmoil. Blood will flow on her account. Her only protection is the King’s great love.’ (from Goodreads)

Being a lover of history for so many years, in particular the medieval era, I like to think I know a fair amount of Henry the Eighth’s wives with it being one of my favourite topics of history. However I had never really heard or read much about Anne Boleyn’s early life, I was aware she’d served at the French court, but not just how much she moved around. That is one of the key elements of Alison Weir’s books that I always love, you do pick up the actual historical facts while reading such enjoyable fiction.

Alison Weir manages to always manages to have me fully immersed in her novels, completely into the medieval world and into the royal courts, and ‘A Kings Obsession’ was no different. I find that her work has you almost forgetting the true stories that are the back bone of these fabulous books. and then when you come back to reality and remember the true history it just leaves me amazed and fascinating wanting to read more.

In the past I have never been a big fan of Anne Boleyn, but this novel some how had me sympathising with her. What she went through from her removal from various European courts, to having to be second to her sister and then being advanced on by a man who’d been with her sister; she definitely did not have an easy route to her peak position. Part of what I adore about this and to be fair all Alison Weir novels, is the emotional connection that you gain with her main protagonist; this novel had me routing for Anne from the very start, although I cant say I agree with all her more devious and calculated moves, she seems to always of been being pushed from above by her family.

This novel was an easy 4.5 stars for me, and I recommend it to all historical fiction fans; or even if you just enjoy actual history, as Alison Weir’s books will get you loving reading about it from a fictional point of view.


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