The Start of Something Beautiful…&Healthy

Its pretty common knowledge that I’ve never had the best help, and by gould it has become worse since the glandular fever that I had at the start of this year. I’ve been experiencing terrible fatigue, spending half the week unable to leave the house, and have to cut back on driving. Its been rather debilitating to the point that I’m now under investigation for M.E/CFS. But that’s enough about that as this is not meant to be a moaning negative post in the slightest, this is meant to be a positive piece, about how I’ve found a brand that has products that increasing my energy levels as well as helping me lose weight! Best part, its completely natural. So, I’ve tried many ways the past few years to lose weight but I could never get along with anything; I’d either get bored and give up or I’d just not like it and therefore not stick with it.  Some didn’t work with me having to be gluten free and dairy free. That’s why I was so excited to find that Juice Plus keeps all their products gluten and dairy free! As well as vegan and completely natural! Double YAY.

What are the products? There are loads, but I’m currently only having the shakes. I’m getting to use them as a replacement for breakfast (something I normally would of forgotten to have), and the longer I’m on them the more I’m having them as lunch too!! Best part? They are super yummy and chocolatey.

Its now been just under a month, only 2 weeks of which I have been really dedicated to always having them and I’ve already lost 6 pound!! That’s more than Ive ever lost in just 2 weeks. All I’ve been doing different, is having my shake as breakfast, and eating clean. Clean? ITs easy, just eat natural food, avoid anything overly processed and make things yourself. Trust me its fun, I’ve fallen in love with cooking all over again!

As for the energy, its amazing! I was getting to the point of spending more and more days just on the sofa. When I started the products I didn’t expect any great changes, as after all, I have a health condition; but actually they have massively allowed me to improve my energy levels. Its not a miracle fix, I’m still fatigued, but not half as much. I’m riding again, and have yet to have to cancel a riding day because of fatigued; couple of weeks ago, I would of had to cancel more often than not.

I’m hoping to try the Berry capsules next that should help to grow my hair and clear my skin! There are plenty of people who can tell you just how much its worked for them too.

More than anything, I’m excited to document my progress with fitness and weight lose on the blog; as always feel free to leave comments if you want to know more, or contact me on twitter or facebook under Alexx Pbillips.

Excited for weigh day on Friday!! Never thought I’d say that….

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