‘A Pocketful of Crows’ by Joanne M Harris

This book, well where to start? Start with the obvious, the cover is STUNNING; normally I don’t like a hard cover with out a jacket, but if you’re going to put that much effort into making it beautiful then you are forgiven! A modern fairy tale, full of love, betrayal and revenge, this was just the perfect like quick read package. I don’t think there will be anything I could complain about with this book. I’d like to thank Ben Willis and Orion Publishing for sending me a copy to review, it is greatly appreciated and you have definitely introduced me to a new author I need to investigate.

Written almost in poetry, I was a little unsure to begin with; quickly though I was swept away into the story and the rhythm of the words and sucked into this magical world of curses and enchantments. While reading this book, I was fully immersed, I could feel every emotion, every sound every step that was going on- and at times, I wanted to run to the forest with her.

I feel that the illustrations deserve a mention with this book. They were every bit a part of the book as the words themselves. Full of such detail and beauty, I actually went back over the book when I was finished just to relook at them all; they really do just finish off this beautiful fairy tale with that visual aspect to compliment the beauty and grace of the writing.

The characters, especially Old Age, were just something else. Exquisitely carved into intricate gestures and characteristics, that made each so individuals and yet you sensed the similarities. I found this story to have such a moral meaning to it, so focused on self betterment and the importance of looking after yourself, that at this very time, it has deeply ingrained itself in me.

A trip to the library to look for more by Joanne will definitely by on the cards after reading this.

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