My Favourite Routine for Reading

I’ve seen many posts and vlogs about various readers ‘Reading Routines’ and I thought that it would be a good idea of a post for me to do; other than I realised that I don’t have a singular routine. Like a good avid reader, I read at every given possible moment that I have spare; including in doctor waiting  rooms, in the car, as well as just before bed or for pleasure during the day! So there it just isn’t possible to have one fixed routine. However, I do have a very particular favourite routine for reading!There is no better time for reading, when you are completely free that day, have no deadlines and no responsibilities; that way you can just stop and relax!!

Now to get the most out of reading you have, and I mean have to be at your most comfy! For me this means sitting on my big green cuddler sofa, with my super soft Simba Lion King blanket and lots of snuggly cushions to make a little reading nest out of. I’m super lucky as the radiator is behind my sofa as well, so it makes it really warm and cosy.

The atmosphere of the room needs to be just so for me also; dim warm lighting and nice spells. Behind my sofa I have a big upright lamp with a soft light bulb in it so that it makes the room light enough to read but not too bright that it gives me headaches. And of course you then need a candle, the nice smells just add something to the experience of reading. Personally I stick to Yankee candles as I find that the smells are really obvious and can fill my whole room; currently my favourites have been their new bright saffron candle that was in their autumn range, as well as a Jelly Bean Yankee candle that I found online- I didn’t know that it was even a thing before I found it, and its AMAZING!

I love that I can hear my little furry babies from my sofa, hear their little squeaks and nibble sounds, its just as good as reading with someone else for me. But other than that, its best if I can have no other sounds going on. There is nothing worse than someone coming to talk to you while you’re trying to read; and the TV noise is almost as bad. Because of the layout of my house, its not often that I manage to not have noise as the main living room is connected to my reading room, but oh well, makes it even better when I do get the peace.

Finally, you can not settle down for a nice long reading session without your drink of choice and possibly even snacks. Personally I need either a big mug of hot tea, or if I’m lucky enough to get a lift there, a costa coffee! But of course, that will not last the whole time you’re reading, so I also have a big bottle of water or squash as well. As for snacks, I cant say I have a regular snack, sometimes I’ll have a protein shake, sometimes grapes, and sometimes I just go for the treats and have chocolate or biscuits!!

So that’s my favourite way to read; how do you like best to read?

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