Minimoji diary Days1-4

MY first readathon in ages has been so fun so far; remembering why I love them. Getting to come up with fun TBRs that I know will be impossible, but thinking about all the books and whether they fit the challenges just puts me into such a good little reading mood. Plus you know the whole excuse of ‘I have to read, I’m participating in a readathon’! I love it, seems to work on my family every time. Though would be great if it worked on university as an excuse to not do my first assignment!Day 1

So my starting book is ‘the Diabolic’ by SJ Kincaid, and am 30 pages into it at the start of the readathon. Currently I’m enjoying it, its a book that I feel draws you in from the very start so excited to keep getting through this one.

Right so, I managed to miss the midnight start as I got distracted by Assassins Creed- oops. But from 1am, I managed to get through after 51 pages before I couldn’t keep my eyes up, leaving me on page 81.

I love twitter sprints with readathons and I was around to jump into the morning sprints, which got me through to page 108; I’m definitely plodding my way through which is good, hopefully pick up the pace a little later on.

Well the pace really did get picked up, ended up having a bit of a busy day, but snuggled down to read come the evening. Only interruption was catching up on TV for an hour with Dad so yay! Managed a further 96 pages in this evening, super proud of that one. So that left me with having of read 174 pages on Day 1.

Day 2

Right, okay so aim for today is just to finish the Diabolic; not sure how successful this will be as I’ve managed to over sleep and need to head out to do the food shop and get prescription. Though we will see, I’m starting the day off on page 204 of the Diabolic.

I didn’t manage to get home until later than planned and was just absolutely exhausted, so tried to be clever and have a lie down while listening to the audiobook of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. This just lead me to falling asleep for a couple of hours, after only about 10 minutes, not that was a failure.

So its 8.30 and I’m only just sitting down to read the Diabolic. I have 200 pages left so not too sure if I’m going to be able to finish this off today but we’ll see.

The aim was failed, however by midnight I had managed to get to page 335, so that’s a total of 131 read in a Day 2. I cant complain at that with how rocky the start of the day was.

Day 3

I managed to finish the Diabolic in the early hours of the morning reading the last 68 pages while completing the read for 60 minutes without checking your phone challenge. Absolutely adored this book, loved every thing about it and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This also completes the a book with a reflective cover, a book with red and white on the cover and start a new series challenges. Not bad, 4 challenges complete in the first 3 days with just one book.

Not too sure what I’m going to pick up next, having another late start due to over sleep (yes, its a regular thing), and having to pop out to finish the chores I didn’t manage to do yesterday. But I’m now all comfy, have my cuppa tea, candle lit and read to read. I’m thinking of either working through more of Harry Potter, picking up Hunted or Percy Jackson. Cant decide what I’m in the mood for.

Okay so there is a whole bunch of sprints going on that I want to jump in on, so Im going to continue on with Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban for now, currently on page 92 of the illustrated edition.

So I’m just sitting back down to do some more of the sprints after having dinner; I made itto page 156 before I had to put it down so definitely making good progress with Harry Potter. Im absolutely loving it, and kind of want it to last a bit longer so I might put it down in a bit and move on to something else to leave me some for tomorrow.

Harry Potter is just so beautiful!! Okay, so I only put Harry Potter down when I went to bed, and made it through to page 237 making it a total of 145 pages of Harry Potter read. I took Hunted by Meagan Spooner up to bed with me, but only managed a couple of chapters before I fell asleep.

Day 3 has been such a good reading day, getting through a total of 253 pages! Very proud of that; but Im very aware that my reading will probably slow down from now as I have my Nan over for the week now.

Day 4

Well I’ve started today a bit off track and spent the morning playing Assassins Creed, but never mind, mixing up the day is a good thing right? Anyway just going to sit down and read some more of Harry Potter before working out what to do for lunch

So I managed all of five pages before hunger took over, and then frustratingly I got into watching TV. Anyway, its about 4pm and now going to jump into some reading sprints.

Book two is finished! I’ve finished Harry Potter and it was fabulous obviously, another easy 5 star book; I’m doing good with 5 star reads this readathon! Now just going to have some dinner, and then probably pick Hunted back up for a bit, though think I need an early night so may not manage much more today.

Right, time is almost midnight, and I’m pretty tired so don’t think I’ll be reading anymore now till morning. Bit annoying as that’s makes today a rather bad reading day but never mind. I managed a total of 89 pages all of Harry Potter and Prisonerimg_0336.jpg of Azkaban, which totalled me to finish my second book. This completed read a book you received as a gift, a warm fuzzy read, read a book that’s haunted your TBR, read a book featuring sports and a book featuring travel. That’s a total of 5 challenges from one book, making me having completed 9 challenges so far and we’re only half way through.

The diary for the next half of the readathon will be up at the end of the week, I’m still hopeful that I will complete all challenges, though not hopeful I’ll get through the whole TBR. How are you getting on?

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