How did 2017 Reading Goals go?

I’ve been enjoying setting myself goals for my reading each year for a few years now, and once again, this years has not gone too well. Feel like it started off alright, but with moving and then falling into a massive reading slump over the Summer, it just definitely didn’t go as planned. But here is how I did…So my first goal of 2017, and my Goodreads goal, was that I wanted to read a total of 75 books; which should of worked out to reading just over 6 books each month. It all started so well; before I moved, so up until May I read a total of 19 books, so that was only about 11 books behind schedule. That’s not that good you ask? Well compared to that I then only managed 5 books from June through to October, then it is pretty good!

I don’t know what was with me, 6 books a month should be super easy for me. Well in November alone I hit 7 books, so that just proves that I’m capable of it. In the end I got through a total of 43 books in 2017, so I didn’t come close to my aim but with everything that went on, I didn’t exactly have the time for much of the year. I’m still in faith that its a possible goal.

You think that’s bad, wait till you hear how I did on my goal to add to the number of books I’d read off of the 100 books to read in your life list. I succeeded in reading a total of 2 books from the list and one of those was just the next Harry Potter, and the other the Complete book of Winnie the Pooh. This is just shameful but hopefully I can improve on this this year.

When it came to my hope to add some extra non-fiction into my reading, if anything, I read less non-fiction and more fiction; also didn’t touch any poetry. But one thing I did do, was I managed to read more graphic novels this year, so that I’m happy about.

As I’m writing this, I’m getting the distinct impression that I did not do good when it came to my reading challenges last year. I really need to focus on the challenges some more this year now.

So the final challenge was to finish or continue on with some of the series that I have already started. That’s right, you guessed it, I did bad at this too. I did manage to read the rest of the Deathnote series, and more of Harry Potter, Miss Peregrines, and also the Maximum Ride graphic novels. With the last book coming out in 2017, I also finished the Eagles of Rome series by Ben Kane. So that’s probably the best I did with a challenge.

This year WILL be better! Do you have any challenges for your reading?


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