Best Books of 2017

Although I didn’t read an awful lot of books in 2017, I sure did read some really good ones. For this post, I’m going to mention both the top books in terms of ratings as well as the top ones that I remember. I feel its so important to put the best books from what has stuck with me, as that is what matters I believe. A book shouldn’t just end when you finish it, it should be able to stick with you for the year. Despite having the biggest reading slump that I can ever remember, I have read some books this year that have got me longing for more, and am so excited for my reading this year.

So first of all, I will go over my five star reads of this year, so of which are 5 star because of the nostalgic value, others I just could find no fault with. The most obvious of my five star reads is of course Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, definitely the best of the three Harry Potter books that I have read so far- may be helped that I read the illustrated version. ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and ‘The Complete Winnie the Pooh’ were always going to be five star reads as they are books of my childhood that I will forever love.img_0254

Before my reading slump kicked in, I read two amazing historical fiction novels that were both 5 star reads, the first being The Orphans Tale and the second, quite predictably being Eagles in the Storm. So very different, with one in ancient Rome and the img_1165other in the war, these were both highly recommendable books.

Waking Gods and the Diabolic are both Science Fiction novels that were five star reads for me that I absolutely adored. I cant wait to get my hands on the third books of each series this year. This is a bit of an odd one for me as I’m not normally a big SF fan, but both of these were amazing!

Finally, Deathnote was so beautifully wrapped up, it was gorgeous, I loved it. I’m still so sad that it has ended but thankfully I do now have some new graphic novels to be jumping into, so hopefully I’ll find a new series that I will fall in love with.

Not surprising some of my top five books of the year do overlap with some of my five star reads of the year. So lets start with my fifth favourite book of the year; which was the fabulous The Method by Shannon Kirk. A thriller about a young pregnant woman img_1148who is kidnapped and has to use her genius in order to try and save both herself and her child. This was an edge of your seat gripping thriller. Although I did not rate it the highest in my star ratings this novel has stuck with me.

Fourth on my top five books of the year was the epic conclusion to Ben Kane’s Eagle series, Eagles in the Storm. This was also a five star read, and was just the perfect way to conclude this trilogy, which is very possibly becoming my favourite of his works.

At number three is Sleeping Giants, the first of an amazing science fiction series told in an alternative style. Gripping from the start of the first book through to the end of the second; with aliens leaving technology on earth and then sending more to try and fix the damage. The third books comes out later this year and I can honestly not wait for it!

The Diabolic by SJ Kincaid was a huge surprise for me, another science fiction I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did. You know its good when you have timg_0334o order the sequel and read it straight away. Again this is another one where I just need the next book right now! Even though the second wasn’t quite as good,  I really can see how its lined up to make the third book possibly the best yet!

Finally Darien by Conn Iggulden is by far, my stand out book of the year! I went into this very unsure as it was a must read for me because of the author but was a different genre so wasn’t certain what to expect. It did not disappoint! Another first in a series, I believe the next comes out this year, well at least I am really hoping that it does!

So those are my best books of 2017, and Id say some of these are possibly now all time favourites of mine! I’m so excited for reading this year. What were your favourite books of last year?

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