February TBR

February has to be a better month than January, I can not let it become a habit of not reading much as then I will never reach my goal. Therefore, I am going into February with one very easy, very clear cut plan, that should be easily do able for me. Hopefully it will boost the numbers up, as well as completing one of my reading goals of finishing series. So this is what I’m hoping to read. 

I read Hollow City back at the end of last year, and loved it more than I did the first book. For Christmas, I got the last book in the series, as well as the first two graphic novels and the short story book.

To get back into the series, I’m hoping to fly through the two graphic novels. Just because I’m not confident I remember every thing that happened in the second book. Plus graphic novels are amazing for adding on the book numbers.

After that I am hoping to get to the Library of Souls, which will finish off the main series, and will be the first series of the year finished for me! But I will then probably jump into the short stories as that will then finish off all the books in this world that I own.

Hopefully that will only take up the beginning part of the month and I will still have time to read more. If I do, I will definitely pick up The Fire Queen, if I hadn’t already done so. I loved the first book, and ordered the second one immediately, I think I would really like to complete this series in just a short few moths, so need to jump back in.

If I have yet more time, which isn’t likely as I need to get back to my study, and have been spending a lot of time working on my bullet journal; then I would quite like to jump into an adult fantasy novel. Not sure which one, and I will decide when and if I get through the other books.

I’m very hopeful the February will be a good reading month, there is little reason why it shouldnt be, I just need to get my head down and crack on with my studying and reading!

What are you planning to read this month?

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