Fibro and ME Update

So, I don’t know when I last did one of these, but I do feel like a lot has changed recently. Including a major set back that happened at the beginning of March, so I felt it was about time to give you all a proper update rather than just my moaning tweets. Well to put it bluntly, my Fibro has got so much worse lately. Right done, should I just end the post there?

No I’m joking, but it truly has become a huge problem in my life. The cold has honestly just got my down as I think its been part the reason why my leg has been bad. I have spent about three weeks at the time of writing this, not really being able to walk. I have even had to call my Nan over just to help me do things around the house.

So because of this, my physiotherapist and myself have decided that its time for me to start using a stick to help me get around when I have to leave the house. Have to admit, I have only been out with it once so far, and I have to admit that it has massively helped as its stopping me from to limp constantly.

As for my ME, frustratingly, although it has been really good, it always flares up when my pain levels numb down for the day. So pretty much I only ever get a break from pain, if I have to suffer exhaustion. Although I will sleep all day on bad ME days, its always bordered by two days, if not more, of not being able to sleep at night. As you can probably guess, this then throws my whole sleeping pattern out, which in turn causes more Fibro problems. So yes, vicious circle there.

Thankfully, and this is probably the only positive of this post, is that my hands have been a whole lot better lately. Which has been a great help while I have not been able to get out as I have been able to journal and play on the Xbox and read without too many problems.

So that’s it for a little update of my physical disabilities for one day, think I might do a post about some of the reactions I’m getting to using a walking stick at the age of 22 (wow, 21 while writing this, but when its live I’ll be 22), but let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in?

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