Wheelchair service at the O2

So I very rarely get out because its so hard for me to move around, and my anxiety and psychosis really do not help. But never the less, the other week me and my Dad pushed through so that I could go and see the Script live at the O2 arena. In addition to being an absolutely fabulous concert, sitting with some really lovely people; the arena was also really helpful with my problems walking.img_0341-3Turns out the gate we needed was the other side to what we normally go through, so it took me about half and hour if not longer to walk around; having to stop regularly and a lot of wobbly limping. This so almost ruined the night, as my hip was in huge amounts of pain after this, and there was no way I was going to manage to sit for over two hours before then having to do the walk back.

But I got lucky, the man by the security checks turned out to be a health and safety officer, who noticed that I really was struggling. He quickly stopped us, asking if I was okay, and what was wrong. After explaining, he then allowed us to go in the disability lifts, as well as directing us to a help desk where we could rent a wheelchair to help me get back.

This was an absolute saviour. So I got to sit and enjoy the whole concert and then when it was over, I was met by a wheelchair and a lovely staff member to take me to the car. I can not explain how useful it was to have assistance so that I didn’t have to worry about the pain that getting back to the car would of caused me. The lovely staff members take to all the way to your car door, right from the top of your sit in the arena.

I can not praise this service enough, it allows me to get out again, as I would otherwise not of been able to go. If you too have difficulty walking, then I recommend you ask about this service when visiting the O2. It is completely free, and really is a life saviour for being able to enjoy your evening.

This is not sponsored, I just really believe that more people need to know about this, as it opens the ability of enjoyment for those struggling to get out.

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